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Super Nintendo World Gets Tour From Shigeru Miyamoto In Latest Direct

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Shigeru Miyamoto made time to take us on a quick tour of Super Nintendo World in the company’s latest Direct. No gaming content was shown in the 15-minute presentation, but we did get our best look yet at many of the Japan theme park’s attractions — ncluding a glimpse at how you can live like Mario in coin collecting activities.

Park visitors can choose from a few Mario-themed wrist bands to aid in collecting coins at Super Nintendo World. As you participate in activities, you can collect coins and find secrets throughout the park, checking progress through a new phone app. One example saw Miyamoto timing POW Blocks in order to trigger a secret, earning him a special key. Those that collect three of the necessary keys will be able to participate in some sort of a final challenge against Bowser Jr., though what that entails was not explained.

We also got a good look at some of the merchandise and food you’ll be able to buy in Super Nintendo World. In true Nintendo fashion, the food keeps to the theme, with attendees able to purchase flavored popcorn and other Mushroom Kingdom-like foods in locations like the Kinopio’s Cafe. Meanwhile, the 1up Factory will offer exclusive goodies for collectors to purchase.

Just as with our previous look at Super Nintendo World, we only got a tease of what the Koopa’s Challenge Mario Kart ride offers, but we’ll hopefully learn more about the ride, Bowser’s Castle, and the park itself as opening day draws nearer.

Super Nintendo World Japan opens its doors (warp pipe?) on Feb. 4, 2021. Universal Studios has plans to open Mario parks in other locations — the United States is getting Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida locations, and Asia is getting a Singapore park — but these parks are not expected to open for quite some time, especially considering the roadblocks created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You can watch today’s entire direct below.

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