Superb CoD: Black Ops Ad Celebrates Your Inner Soldier


There’s a soldier inside everyone, says this incredibly entertaining commercial for Call of Duty: Black Ops, and that soldier wants to shoot things in the face.

Let’s face it: For all we glamorize war in fiction like videogames and movies, we probably all understand on a basic level that war is not fun. In fact, it’s about as un-fun as you get. That’s the entire point of games like Call of Duty, isn’t it? It lets us joe schmoes live out the fantasy of being the war hero without crouching terrified behind a piece of rubble wondering if every breath is going to be our last.

So yes. In the context of Call of Duty, there’s a soldier inside everyone. It may be a play soldier, the type of soldier that you’d imagine being when you were much younger, but there’s still that fantasy nonetheless.

This awesome advertisement for Treyarch’s Black Ops – out next week – is all about that fantasy and how it appeals to everyone across all walks of life. Considering the massive popularity of the Call of Duty series, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sort of people portrayed in this ad actually played the game online.

Even if you have no interest in the series, or if you like the series but hate Treyarch’s installments, or if the very thought of spending money on something in some way attached to Bobby Kotick’s name makes your head spin, I think we can all appreciate an awesome commercial, can’t we? Especially one that’s more than a little reminiscent of that amazing Xbox 360 commercial that never aired.

I have one issue with it, though: If this is supposed to be the Call of Duty playerbase, where are all the 15-year-old kids?

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