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Superhot: Mind Control Delete Launches Next Week, Free for Owners of Original Game

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is finally dropping next week after over two and a half years in early access development. Superhot Team announced a July 16 release date with the game’s official reveal trailer today. If you purchase Superhot before next week’s launch, you’ll be granted Superhot: Mind Control Delete free of charge.

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Superhot: Mind Control Delete is the newest entry in the creative FPS universe, following Superhot VR and the original game. In the series, players enter a variety of unique combat scenarios altered by time. Standing still freezes all enemies and projectiles, with any player movement putting the action back in play. All three games have been praised for their palpable style and creative combat.

The standalone game first started as an expansion for the first game when it was launched in Steam Early Access years ago but eventually grew into a much larger project. The studio’s now-third entry in the series is no different from its predecessors when it comes to intensity, though there are a few notable changes. The game’s Steam page, for example, promises a bigger experience with more mechanics, more characters, more polish, and more story. Superhot Team says the standalone game is a non-VR entry.

You probably noticed some quick-moving text zip by just before the trailer concluded, but fear not, as you can read everything you missed below:

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is a standalone game set in the world of Superhot. Events depicted in the game might connect to those from Superhot but knowledge of the game is not required, though it might be beneficial for the user. Mind Control Delete started out as a free, standalone expansion to Superhot (not to be confused with Superhot VR as it is an entirely different entity). Its aim was to give more of Superhot experience to people who already bought it. Mind Control Delete was in development for the past 3 years becoming its own thing – a game bigger and bolder than its predecessor. The scope changed but the conviction to give it away for free to owners of Superhot stayed the same. Superhot: Mind Control Delete will be given away for free to everyone who acquired Superhot before July 16th 2020 in a legal way and not as part of a free giveaway of any sorts. If you bought Superhot for Steam, GOG, EGS, or PlayStation 4, then Mind Control Delete will automatically appear in your library within a few days of July 16th. If you purchased Superhot for Xbox One, then you should expect a system message with a voucher to activate your free copy of Mind Control Delete within a few days of July 16th. If your copy of Superhot was purchased on other stores and for other platforms then you’ll need to email us your receipt ([email protected]) and we’ll provide you with a DRM-free copy of Mind Control Delete for PC, Mac, or Linux. In order to get your free copy you must have purchased Superhot before July 16th, 2020 and, as said, it must be bought, not received through giveaway such as Epic Holiday Free Games Giveaway or Xbox Games with Gold. If you’re reading this before release, buy Superhot as soon as possible to get your free copy of Mind Control Delete. You won’t regret it. After the release of Superhot: Mind Control Delete it will be purchasable as a separate game. We will have wonderful bundles for you if you want to acquire all Superhot games. Remember that. More and updated information is always available on our world wide website: superhotgame.com/mcd-release-faq.

Superhot Team’s latest launches July 16 for Linux, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Information conflicts on whether the title will come to Nintendo Switch at some point, but an eventual release seems likely. In the meantime, Switch owners of the original can send their receipts to the previously listed email for a DRM-free PC copy of Superhot: Mind Control Delete.

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