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Netflix Is Making Supersex

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Netflix is getting into porn. Kind of. Not really. Fine, it’s making a seven-episode Italian TV show about a porn star. Are you happy? Netflix has greenlit Supersex, which will focus on the life and times of Rocco Siffredi. Siffredi is evidently a well-known male pornographic actor whom I have never heard of and never seen because, of course, I’ve never watched any porn. Filthy stuff.

The legendary porn star, also known as “Buttman” because of his penchant for sex in the back of Volkswagens, will be played by Alessandro Borghi. Borghi has already made a name for himself at Netflix in the series Suburra and seems to have a likeness to the man he’s playing… I’m told, because again — never seen porn. Siffredi is known for his… ummm… athletic prowess in his scenes and as one of the few male porn stars to be recognized by name, but the movie will evidently take a much more personal look at the man, delving into his childhood, finding love while working in porn, manhood in the porn industry, and sex addiction. Wooo… sex!?

Supersex is the story of a man who takes seven episodes and 350 minutes to say ‘I love you,’ to accept that the demon in his body is compatible with love,” said the show’s creator and writer, Francesca Manieri, via THR. “To do this, he must expose the only part of him that we have never seen: his soul.”

Yup, just what I always thought about when I was definitely not watching Siffredi perform. His soul.

Supersex is shooting now and will land on Netflix sometime in 2023.

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