Suzerain is a choose-your-own-adventure political simulator by Torpor Games. You play as Anton Rayne, a man elected as the fourth president of Sordland. With 20 years of dictatorship, civil war, and a recession weighing on you, it’s your responsibility to shape the future of the country, which might mean to fight to keep the old constitution, seek to change it, or enact your agenda. You must choose when to stand your ground or bend to the will of your fellow politicians, private citizens, other countries, and additional influences. Most decisions matter, often leading to people supporting you or actively working against you.

While it can be dry since it focuses more on policies and politics rather than the characters and what makes them interesting, the dense world-building and constant juggling of your goals along with the goals of the people whom you have to work with makes for an interesting and emotionally taxing experience. If deep world-building is more important to you than individual characters, this could be a choose-your-own-adventure that’s right for you.

Suzerain is available now for $14.99 on PC.

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