Sweden: Piracy Is Not A Religion


Swedish officials have yet again refused requests by The Missionary Church of Kopimism to recognize file-sharing as an official religion.

Founded by Philosophy student Isak Gerson, the Church describes itself thusly:

In our belief, communication is sacred. Communication needs to be respected. It is a direct sin to monitor and eavesdrop on people.

The absolute secrecy is holy in the church of kopimism.

In the individual pastoral care and confession with the kopimist priests (the Ops), priests are protected under Swedish law by an absolute professional secrecy.

Copyright Religion is our absolute opposite – Ongoing obstruction of copying.

We challenge all copyright believers – most of which have a great deal of influence in politics, and who derive their power by limiting people’s lives and freedom. What they most of all want to limit the knowledge. We need to steel ourselves for their hatred and aggression.

– Copy. download, uplooad!
– All knowlegde to all!
– Information technology is not to be feathered by laws.

The Church’s first attempt to attain state sanction was rejected in April of 2011, with Swedish authorities citing a lack of formalized tradition within the organization. Since that time Gerson and his 1,000 acolytes have created an official system of rituals which includes prayer and “meditation over shared information and the act of copying.”

Despite these efforts at legitimacy, Swedish officials refuse to budge, though according to Gerson, the reasons behind the latest denial are murky at best.

“This time, we can’t really see any real reason for our denial. We adjusted our application just the way the Swedish authorities needed, and they still denied us the right to form a church,” he claims.

Still, Gerson’s flock remains undaunted and will continue its crusade to spread the illicit teachings of their belief system.

“One thing is certain though. We will continue meeting, believing in copying, deepen our faith and church, and fight politically for a world where copying is not only accepted by encouraged. We know that this is not only our dream and cause, but our calling,” Gerson adds.

Whether the Missionary Church of Kopimism stands as a satire of religious intolerance, a jab at governmental hypocrisy or an actual religious entity, is beyond the scope of this article. That said, let it be known that on this day, July 12, 2011, I love the Internet very, very much.

You guys are the best.

Source: Torrent Freak

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