SyFy FanCam 360 Dramatizes Cosplayers In 360 Degrees


SyFy highlighted cosplayers in 360-degree shots through its FanCam 360 at Supanova Pop Culture Expo.

Photos of cosplays can be stunning and bring costumes to life, but no matter how many angles a photographer takes a picture from, a photograph can’t capture the entirety of the costume front and back. Debuted at Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney, Australia, SyFy captured a moment in time from 360 degrees around for cosplayers who tried out the FanCam 360.

SyFy FanCam 360 was used to promote the premiere of Defiance season 2, but it was also a huge undertaking to celebrate cosplayers at Sydney Supanova. A single cosplayer or a group could pose for the FanCam 360, jumping in the air, or pretending to be in the middle of an epic battle. Taking several pictures from all around, the SyFy FanCam 360 team would then stitch the photos together into videos to share on YouTube and Facebook. If the videos look a lot like the “bullet time” scenes from The Matrix, that’s because it’s just like those camera rigs. The effect makes all of the cosplayers look so dramatic. A Doctor frozen mid-air with his sonic screwdriver, a Spiderman ready to spin some webs, a Marceline from Adventure Time floating, and a priceless moment between Cersei and Joffrey are just a few of the many cool moments captured.

The SyFy FanCam 360 may not be feasible at other conventions, but I’d love to see it for myself at an American convention and have the chance to try it.

Source: SyFy YouTube

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