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System Shock 3 Website Ownership Has Been Transferred to Tencent

System Shock 3, Starbreeze, OtherSide Entertainment, Tencent, Nigthdive Studios

System Shock 3 may have found a new home with Chinese investment company Tencent, according to a web domain ownership switch-up. VGC noted that both and are now owned by Tencent rather than the previous owner, developer OtherSide Entertainment. The studio has been in search of a new investment partner since separating from publisher Starbreeze in early 2019, but the transfer of domain ownership suggests that this search might finally be over.

Up until now, there had not been any substantial updates on new publishing partners. It was however noted earlier this year that many key personnel had departed OtherSide Entertainment, soliciting deep concerns. While an update came in April stating that the studio in general is “still here,” that did not speak at all to the current state of System Shock 3. VGC also noted that only four people are listed on LinkedIn as currently employed at the OtherSide Texas studio developing the game.

All we have right now is a pre-alpha trailer for System Shock 3 from September of last year, showing off the progress that had been made on the sci-fi horror game despite the problems at hand.

Perhaps Tencent’s assistance in the matter could put the shooter back on track. If not, there’s always Nightdive Studios’ System Shock remake. The Escapist caught up with Nightdive back in February to discuss that project and how its development has progressed.

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