Tabula Rasa Closed Beta Begins


NCsoft has announced that closed beta testing for its upcoming MMOG Tabula Rasa is beginning today.

Designed by Richard Garriott, Tabula Rasa is set during an epic war between an alien race bent on galactic conquest and a coalition of rebel soldiers determined to stop them. The game is billed as combining “fast-paced action with the immersion of a role-playing game,” in which players will be able to significantly impact the course and pace of a global conflict.

“With closed beta testing now in progress, we’re excited to hear more what our players think,” Garriott said. “With fast-action and tactical combat in an RPG setting, a deep and interesting fictional universe, and many feature innovations, we think we’ve created a game that represents the next generation of MMO games and will revolutionize the way people play online games.”

Garriott, Executive Producer at Tabula Rasa publisher NCsoft, is best known for creating the highly-successful Ultima series of videogames, as well as Ultima Online, one of the longest-running MMOGs on the market. He has received numerous accolades for his work, and in 2006 was inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame, as well as given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

NCsoft, based in South Korea, is the world’s largest online game software company. Its subsidiary, NCsoft Austin, serves as the company’s North American headquarters and is the home of Tabula Rasa development. No release date for Tabula Rasa has been announced.

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