Take an Unpleasant Stroll Through Outlast


The developers of Outlast are celebrating the fun and excitement of Halloween with a lengthy new trailer featuring a man who’s been torn in half.

Earlier this month we introduced you to Outlast, a first-person horror game set in the abandoned insane asylum of Mount Massive, where unspeakable shenanigans are afoot! Hearing that the place may not be as derelict as everyone thinks, intrepid journalist Miles Upshur decides to investigate! It does not go well.

“I am currently inside Mount Massive, a supposedly abandoned asylum in Colorado, and I’ve stumbled across an atrocity I can’t put into words. The Murkof Corporation is in the middle of creating something unthinkable here – a malevolence that humanity has yet to experience. I fear for my life, and for mankind, because of what I’m witnessing,” Upshur said in what I can only assume was a phone call to his PR guy.

“Video of everything I’ve seen so far can be found on this tape,” he continued. “I need to find my way out of this complex, but fortunately I have what I need to capture more footage in the meantime… as long as my camera power lasts, at least.”

Props to Miles for his dedication to his job, but I think in his shoes I’d be focusing more on the “find my way out” and less on the “capture more footage” business. I guess some of us just aren’t cut out for journalism.

Outlast is expected to be released for the PC sometime next year.

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