Take Control of Fallout 4 Turrets and Robots With Perk Magazine Locations

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If you’re struggling through difficult Fallout 4 hacking challenges, you need the ‘Total Hack’ magazines. These bonus books unlock special source code abilities for a more robust hacking experience.

The wasteland is full of inactive Protectrons, sentry turrets, and other mechanical annoyances you’ll get to hack using nearby terminals. Almost every outpost or guarded interior will have a terminal. At the start of the game, you’ll be able to deactivate security measures. With these magazines, you’ll finally get a chance to take control of them.

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All 3 Hacker Magazines Locations Guide

Instead of increasing your stats like Bobbleheads, the ‘Total Hack’ books place unique holotapes into the player’s inventory. Loading these holodisks into a hacked terminal allows you to take control of any linked spotlights, turrets or robots.

After hacking a terminal, make sure to load the holodisk to reveal the extra computer options.

‘Total Hack’ Magazine Locations

  • Magazine #1 (Turret Override Program): Wildwood Cemetery – Look under the tree with glowing fungus around the trunk at the center of the cemetery. On the stone walkway, the magazine is on the ground right next to the tree.
  • Magazine #2 (Spotlight Override Program): Shamrock Taphouse – From the front entrance, head to the back-right corner of the first floor. There’s a room with a mannequin on the table. That mannequin is holding the magazine in it’s hand.
  • Magazine #3 (Protectron Override Program): Wattz Consumer Electronics – Drop down into the basement through the fallen floor. There’s a small hallway with a deactivated Protectron. Use the terminal to remotely unlock the door into the restricted area office. Straight ahead, there’s a desk with a computer terminal. The magazine is on that desk.

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