“Mister Whiskers makes me do bad things”

Ryan Reynolds is still fighting his way back from the wreckage of Green Lantern, and part of that journey is now taking him through the offbeat horror genre for The Voices, the trailer for which dropped today.

In the film, Reynolds is a suspiciously charming factory worker whose boyish demeanor hides a dark secret: He’s out of his mind, and thinks his pets are talking to him. That’s usually not good news in and of itself, but it becomes everyone else’s problem when his cat, Mr. Whiskers, starts telling him to kill people.

Anna Kendrick and Gemma Arterton also star, along with Jackie Weaver as Reynolds’ therapist. Reynolds himself provides the voices of both Mr. Whiskers and his bull mastiff, who acts as the “good boy” half of his conscience. The Voices marks the Western horror debut of Marjane Satrapi, who previously helmmed the celebrated animated adaptation of the Iran-set graphic novel Persepolis.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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