Team Fortress 2 Beta, Orange Box Details for PC


Valve has released PC purchasing details of its multi-game release dubbed The Orange Box, which will include the hotly-anticipated update to Team Fortress and Half Life series.

Available on Oct. 9, the package will also include the apparently innovative puzzle game Portal as well as two titles many Half Life fans already likely own: Half Life Two and its follow-up, Episode One.

However, gamers who own one or both of these titles will be able to “gift” them to another Steam user. The gift accounts cannot, however, be bought or sold under the distribution network’s terms of service.

Some perks are in order for consumers who purchase The Orange Box in advance. Early worms will receive a 10 percent price discount on the package in addition to a spinoff of a casual gaming treat called Peggle.

More important is the release of the Team Fortress 2 second beta, available to pre-ordering consumers on Sept. 17. The Incredibles-stylized title is a class-based online multiplayer shooter that has been in development for years.

Source: Shacknews

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