Team Fortress 2 Gets Massive Update


One of the biggest updates in Team Fortress 2 history adds 60 new items, 2 new maps, and hundreds of balance changes.

Earlier this week, Valve previewed a massive incoming update for Team Fortress 2, aimed at bringing in a large amount of “Gold Star” community-made items, fixing a large amount of exploits that new weapons have created in old maps, and balancing up some of the most and least used weapons. The update hit today, bringing with it 60 new items, 2 new maps, and hundreds of balances changes.

I won’t post the full changelog here as it is absolutely massive, so I’ll just give you the short and skinny of it:

  • 60 new “Gold Star” community-made items (most of which are hats)
  • 8 new flavours of “Summer Cooler” crates that contain the new items
  • Keys for these crates. Summer Cooler keys are now also randomized, so when you buy a key, you take a gamble as to whether it will actually open the crate you have… Edit: this is my mistake. You can buy specific color keys from the store. The “Random Key” is a gift item gifts a random key to a random person on a server
  • Added two new maps: cp_standin and cp_process
  • Fixed various map exploits
  • Rebalanced many underused items. Example: The Battalion Backup’s rage is now generated from damage dealt instead of damage received
  • Item set bonuses are now purely cosmetic effects. The previous bonuses have been moved to other items in the set.

If you own the game (which everyone should, as it’s free and awesome) the update should download the next time you start up Steam. The update is, as always, completely free. It’s really nice to see Valve putting so much effort into such an old game, in particular going back and rebalancing all of those old, useless items that people barely use.

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