Teenager Kills Mother, Commits Suicide Over Gaming Argument


A 15-year-old Korean boy killed his mother and then committed suicide after the two argued about his “excessive” videogaming habits.

Police in the South Korean city of Busan said the teenager strangled his 43-year-old mother following a fight over his “excessive playing of violent Internet games.” He then hanged himself from a gas pipe, leaving a suicide note with his grandmother, who lived next door.

“I was scolded for game playing and did what I shouldn’t have done to my mother,” it read. “I am sorry.”

The woman’s body was discovered by her 12-year-old daughter the next morning. “I thought they were fighting like they normally do and just went to sleep,” the girl told police. “When I woke up in the morning, my mother was lying dead on the bed.” Her brother had been playing violent videogames “for the past two to three years,” she said.

The police apparently suspect that the boy committed suicide because he felt guilty about murdering his own mother, but are still investigating the exact cause of the incident. According to CBS, South Korea estimates that roughly two million of its citizens are “internet addicts.”

Source: The Korea Herald, via GamePolitics

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