Tempore, Beginnings: Chapter 5


Space, the Locust is nearly fully functional,

“Here she is my master , the last of the Ghiest children,” Zinerva holds golden-green eyed girl by the elbow , she watches the wall bends and twist forming a humanoid face. It watches her, “Greetings,” the face states. She whispers, “Who are you and why did you bring me here,” Zinerva grabs her hair, but the humanoid face whispers, “Its ok Zinerva, she unlike the clones deserves an answer,”

The humanoid face, stretches, moves closer to her, arms and hand form , he caresses her face, “So beautiful like your mother,” The face draws back , “My name is Christian Spartan, I am your father,” She watches him , as he begins to speak softly, “Your mother and I were lovers, and I thought friends,”

The humanoid face twist a bit , “It doesn’t matter you were born with a terrible birth defect, from the amount of drugs your mother used during her time with you. How you survived , aged so rapidly I don’t know.” The humanoid face watches her, “I don’t understand how it happen nor do I remember much , but when I awoke on that cold road , lying in the pool of my own blood , and piss of another , my body was altered.” His hand sweep over his body , “I became this. I moved about the country in a state of confusion, crawling at time, absorbing myself into cars , until, ” He shrugs, “Until Zinerva and some other ‘early sylphs’ , adopted me as their boss..” He then whispers, “Nightshade was born, my quest to get your mother back begun , but I couldn’t hold a body together to touch her, so,”

He pauses, “By chance I found a boy with both my and your mother’s genetic code, the boy could produce a metal that allow me to hold a semi humanoid form.” He watches her, “No matter what I did I couldn’t best your mother’s Sylph products , so when I couldn’t have her knowledge I killed her.” Then stretches within inches of her face, “I spent the last few years gathering data on Sylphs , the code for varies powers , and search for my children.” A tentacle wraps itself around the golden-green eyed girl, drags her forward.

Doors and walls part as she is dragged forward then she is dumped into a chamber that is ice cold, smells of urine , and death, she gags , as she watches a dozen children hanging on the wall , their arms encased in metal bands , their thighs and legs cover by metal.

She is dragged through the room, then slammed up against a wall, metal bands wrap themselves around her arms and her thighs are encased in a metal. She watches the face drops down from the ceiling , he smiles, “I am going to milk the metal that for some reason your bodies produce, some of the metal is strong as diamonds others is soft and weak like flesh.” He places his face close to her , “So beautiful like your mother,” He lends in , metal bonds force her head still as he kisses her , she struggles , he pushes his tongue into her mouth , she screams as the metal causes her very being to tingle with pleasure.

The month passes so slow , Garret trains after school with Vartan, Talutah, Rhan, Agnessa and Seth against each other , robots and other things. Often times Garret thoughts on the golden-green eyed girl, for some reason he has fallen for her.

He wakes up to his Aunt Christy shaking him, “Better come see this ,”

The TV in the dinning room , is tune to CNN ,

“Kuwait has fallen , I repeat , there are a huge number of ‘things’ , DEAR GOD,” The reporter screams into the phone, “THEY ARE MOVING THROUGH THE KUWAITI MILITARY AND AMERICAN FORCES WITH EASE!” There is a massive explosion, the anchor woman screams, “Danny?! Danny!” The cold stern market reporter whispers, “It appears we lost Dan Walters.”

The cold stern market reporter then says, “We goto a live report from France,”

“French soldiers are surrendering to everyone, here , the major cities are under Nightshade Control. These armored ‘things’ somewhat humanoid , are blasting everything. The fighter jets are being knocked out of the sky , with ease…” The reporter vanishes, the camera drops the reporter and crew are running from armored grey humanoids.

The cold stern market reporter states, “It appears that France has surrendered formally to the Nightshade Corps. , let’s goto Canadian broadcast,” The reporter holds a M16 assault rifle , he is flanked by other men some with guns , others with sticks and bats , the reporter is whispering, “We in a heart of Vancouver, whatever the hell these things are we can kill them,” He turns down a street , there is smoking ruble everywhere, he whispers, “We are going down the streets getting people the hell out of the buildings, some big blast keeps hitting the city. American and British Sylphs are all over place here , wearing Canadian patches, doing there best to help,”

Garret turns from the TV , his aunt watches him, “What are you gonna do hun?” Garret shakes his head, “I don’t know Aunt Christy , but Vartan will know,” She watches him go into his room, she begins to cry.

In another part of Paradise City , the mayor half naked sits on the desk , she rubs her eyes, as the police chief enters, “We have all officers on full alert , Faded Glory and his crew are having a major problem in Canada, it appears that Nightshade troops are invading.” He then whispers, “Vancouver is trying to get people out of there, they have requested helicopters , and another service we can provide. It seems the Nightshade corps has a sky cannon , that hit most of Canada’s major military and governmental areas.”

The mayor nods, “Send what we have , the governor is sending national guardsmen to help defend the city,” A man appears in a business suit , he watches the mayor taking in her body before he speaks, “We received word from the Nightshade Corps., that will end their aggressive with taking of Kuwait, Canada and France,” The man watches the mayor, “Governor Richards has sent me to help with what we can…”

Daylight , in Paradise City,

The mayor paces before a dozen or so heroes including Garret , Vartan, Talutah, Rhan, Agnessa and Seth, she frowns, “Last night , the Guild join Nightshade Corps, they have begun to help weaken the Canadian and American forces, the president has been told she has twenty hours to withdraw her forces from Canada, or face invasion.” The mayor watches them, “They have lasers that can strike any global target , most of the UK territory was pounded into dust , as a sign of force, I been told to prevent you from leaving the city… I been told to close the border of the city.. I been told that our Canadian brothers and sisters would be alright,” She shrugs, “Never did listen well, I will not prevent you from entering Canada and helping. But when the time comes , and it will , I need you to help the city.” She bites her lower lip, “I don’t see the president giving up Canada without a fight, I don’t see the Canadian rolling over to the Nightshade corps, like the French did,.”

Through the next week , the teams begins to take part in the various offensive missions through Canada, as the French people were trapped inside of a force shell that cover a large section of France. Though the resistance in France wasn’t back by government or police forces, just tiny pockets of rebels.

Kuwait surrounded in a similar shell, was the calm in the middle of a storm. As Iran took the offensive against a badly weaken Iraq, there was no help as the Middle east turn into a massive region of civil unrest. The people decided the time was right for a change in government.

Nightshade though the cause of this all, was beginning to profit by selling its warmachines to other countries , and to rebel groups. The entire Russian border countries begin to drop into civil war.

Canada , the cold November wind stirs her hair, she looks back at the small band of rebels that is she traveling with. More than anything else , she is pissed that someone would just walk into a city and begin to kill her people.

“We gonna have to circle back around the forest,” She listen to the lead speak, the man was an old warhorse from World War two , he had lead them though a hail of gunfire with only one death. Someone else was talking , “Why did the drive us out into the cold,” The old man shrugs, “Same reason why they attacked Canada,” Another voice , “Why is that?” The old man answers, “Because they can,”

Suddenly something rises from the darkness, a humanoid machine eight feet tall , its left armor cover in huge energy blade , its chest has a single machine gun and walks on two legs. Shouts break out , as another two humanoid machines appear from the surrounding darkness.

Like a deer caught in the headlights of a on coming truck, the girl just stands there , as the machine gun fire begins. She feels herself scream , then suddenly there is a black energy shield protecting her.

“AND WHEN THE LESSER CHILDREN CRIED INTO THE NIGHT, THE VERY NIGHT ITSELF CRIED BACK, ” Seth dressed in black energy armor , holding a two handed battle axe of black energy , flies into the machine. The machine turns , firing round after round into the black energy shield , “AND WHEN THE EVIL LOOKED INTO THE FACE OF A CHILD, THEY SAW IT WAS DEATH ITSELF,” The battle axe comes down , cutting the machine apart , the machine screams , surprising Seth.

The humanoid machine shrinks back , bleeding , it screams “MONSTER!” It moves in blur , bringing its energy blade down against Seth, who barely manages to escape from being cut into two halves.

The humanoid machine moves in , firing it machine gun , thrusting with its energy blade , Seth hovers watching it , then whispers, “FORGIVE ME LITTLE SISTER,” A blast of black energy races from Seth’s hand consuming the machine , it screams and twist.

Rhan , lands on top of the second machine , her claws digging into its body, it screams and twist , as the girl slashes and cuts into it. The machine groans , and topples over in a bleeding mess. Rhan , continues to hammer it with her claws.

“GET BEHIND ME!” Garret screams to the fleeing people , suddenly the humanoid machine appears firing , Garret brings up a force shell of energy , as the bullets deflect shred the trees nearby. Then the machine rushes in , pushing its energy blade into shell, trying with all its might to punch through, Garret , drops the shell , and jumps out of the way.

The machine comes after him , he lets out a sonic attack , the machine grabs its head , and begins to scream as well. Then it drops to it knees, Garret lifts a lets out blast of energy , destroying the machine’s machine gun and then another blast takes out its blade.

Suddenly massive machine rises out of the darkness, Garret turns , but before he can let out an energy blast , bolt of energy races from the sky striking the machine down in one blow. A beautiful girl in Canadian colors , watches him for a second before rocketing off into the air.

Space , within the Locust,

“How goes things in Canada?” Christian, a flowing metal robe with a humanoid face, ask Zinerva, the ‘early Sylph’ , whispers, “Poorly the Americans have withdrawn to a new Canadian border, but the rebels continue to struggle against us, each time we get close to putting up a force shell , some hero team strikes and takes it out.” Christian shrugs, “As expected,”

Zinerva watches him, “Master, the new Warmachines are having… emotional problems, some won’t fight, and others are changing sides,” Christian watches him, “I am aware of that, I believe it is because the girl is able to imbue her will into them somehow,” Zinerva watches him, “Master, why did we invade Canada?” Christian smiles, “Mostly to weaken the American forces, so when the reinforcement hits , the Americans will go down as quickly as the French do.” Zinerva watches, him then asks, “Master, Champion power has no source, no code…” Christian nods, “As expected, you see I believe that Evacska Eztli is a living creature , but without the original one we can’t know for sure,”

Zinerva nods, “And what about the church mice who plots against my lord,” Christian whispers, “Kill her , then kill the girl , then kill those that helped her,”

Christobela had come from a long line of soldiers, she could trace her roots back to the Dark Ages when her great-great-great-great-great-great- father had been knight. She always admired men with power and valor , but after watching with the way Zinerva had dealt with her and her soldiers for failing to take down a group of Sylphs , she had decided to set things in motion to crumble Nightshade.

She knows , that this is her last trip in here , the smell nearly knocks her off her feet. She goes about her normal job , feeding the Ghiest children, who have already had their minds torn apart. She moves down the line, going slow , as she knows she being watched.

When she comes to the golden-green eyed girl , Christobela steps up close to her , putting the beef stew to her mouth. Christobela , jams the spoon into the girl’s mouth , “Bite down hard,” Christobela slides a small chip from under her fingernail and jams into the girl’s neck. The chip moves and adjust to the girl’s vocal cords.

Christobela watches as the girl twist in pain , then the girl’s eyes flash open, she stares at Christobela. But before they can talk , Zinerva appears with a handful of soldiers, “Ok come with me Christobela,”

After Zinerva and Christobela had left the room, Christian detaches himself from the wall, he stands before his daughter, his hand comes to touch her face, “I half wish that you were aware enough to play with more. But I know you are dangerous, you unlike the other children possess a remarkable ability to control things you shouldn’t be able to control.” Christian strokes her face , then whispers, “Zinerva will enjoy Christobela for a time, to see what the church mice were plotting,”

Garret comes awake suddenly , a voice whispers from the catus, “I.. I .. D .. Don’t know,” it breathes; his heart jumps as he realizes the voice is the golden-green eyed girl. She whispers, “know.. How.. Long.. I have.. Left,” his heart breaks , she sounds tired, beaten and most of all without hope. She breathes, “He.. Planing.. To … invade.. Too powerful… doesn’t know… doesn’t understand… blind..” Her words are a ramble of whispers, sometimes he couldn’t understand her, then for a brief instant, “You must find Orchid.. The Acceleration Engine you must find it, you must stop him,” Then softly she whispers, “I don’t want to die,” She begins to ramble until her voice fades to nothing.

The apartment that Vartan , Talutah, Rhan, Agnessa and Seth rented was a nice four bedroom.

Garret knocked on the door, he was taken back , as the door open on the first knock, he watched as Seth , appeared. The boy whispers, “Little brother, it is an ungodly hour to be about,” Garret nods, “Sorry I need you all to help me,”

It took them about ten minutes to get dressed, even through they were known as the’ Javan’ they didn’t wear flashy team costumes, nor did they move about the city as the members of the Guild had.

“A talking catus..” Agnessa whispers, Garret smiles , “After Seth I would figure the concept won’t be that hard to swallow.” Vartan watches Garret , “Be sure to call your aunt before we leave, and then we will find Orchid.” Agnessa asks, “Should we bring in any others on this mission, I mean any of Faded Glory’s units,” Vartan shakes his head, “Since the Guild has sided with Nightshade , all the government groups are tied up, and individual Sylphs , we really don’t know many that would be useful to our tactics.” Talutah nods, “Screamer is one of us,”

Finding girl Orchid, wasn’t that hard , she had been flown to South Texas , where a specialized team was working on her decaying organs. The Javan borrow a government jet to get there in less than two hours.

In the top floor of the clinic , in a special room,

“Poor kid,” Agnessa watching the girl , with brown hair , tinted with yellows , golds and oranges, twitching and shivering. Vartan and Garret stand near Agnessa, as a Talutah and Seth are followed by a female doctor.

The doctor begins softly, “She generates an unknown poison chemical that eats her body slowly. As she told me , Gabriel used her as a battery for some kind of teleportation device, which double the rate of the poison.” The doctor pulls out a needle, “I am only doing this so you can leave my patient alone.”

The needle pricks the girl’s skin , and she is awake instantly, Garret, whispers, “Acceleration Engine, we know about it,” The girl shivers , then whispers, “Gabriel found me wandering in the woods , in Northwest Canada, took me in, saved my life,” She breathes, “I linked with.. With this thing, Gabriel access this thing through me , to get his armor , and teleportation. This thing made me hurt sooo much… I turned it off,” She closes her eyes, Garret reaches down , strokes her face, “The girl, the one with golden-green eyes told me to use it to save her,” The Orchid snaps open, she smiles, “Jenessa she is alive then, I heard her last night,” Garret watches , as her face saddens, “I would have to go back to the thing, to turn back on,”

Vartan, whispers, “Turn it back on , so we might be able to figure out to detach it from you,” Orchid shrugs, “It might be able , I was ten when I touched it,” The girl turns a bit, reaches out, pulls up Garret mask a bit, touches his face, “You saved us?” She smiles when he blushes, she breathes, “I will make a map,”

New York City,

“Hold on , Hold on , damn it I am coming,”

Born Essex Akro, Sinew was a upcoming inventor until the company he worked , laid him off, for the simple reason that his ideas didn’t mesh with their ideas. He had gone to work for Vala mercenaries , then when he that had bottomed out he started his own company.

Sinew was a joke on his gift, he was very talented inventor , while would never produce a weapon or armor , he produced many household items , as well as a varies robotic products.

Vartan yanks Sinew through the door into the wall, “Get your get gear , you are coming with us,” Sinew doesn’t hesitate, he is very scared of Vartan and his teammates, but that doesn’t stop Sinew from saying , “What no hello , no how are you doing? Just gonna yank me out the door,” Vartan watches him, “Get dress, or you are gonna come like that,”

Ellette watches from the bedroom as Sinew gets dressed, she whispers, “What does he want?” Sinew shrugs , “I don’t know, and I am not sure I want to know,” Ellette watches as her boyfriend slides into his clothing, she crosses the room, and puts on her clothing, he demands, “What are you crazy?!? He doesn’t like you, he might decide to kill you,” Ellette freezes for a second , then continues getting dressed.

“She wants to come along,” Sinew says indicating Ellette, Vartan watches her, then says to Sinew , “She can come,” Sinew follows him out the door , Ellette grabs her overnight bag , then follows.

The skies over Canada are thick with anti-air aircraft , three sleek black SR-71 style fighter, escorted by F-14 fighter planes rocket through the night sky.

Frank Revender , the lead fighter pilot , enjoys the fighter , as it races through the darkness, the Nightshade aircraft , suffer heavy losses to the F-14 escort , until the SR-71s are left alone. But the pilot doesn’t care , the SR-71 fighter is so maneuverable, that they can fly backwards , hover , and drop into near instant teleportation speed.

“Ok people this is your captain, we are close to the drop, God’s speed to you all,”

Through the barren cold forest , the team moves , each with various equipment for space travel, as well medical gear. Garret watches Rhan moving in the forest , scouting ahead, from time to time they come along a group of traveling rebels , who have very little to say. But the team share what they can with the rebels, food or medical supplies.

Vartan leads following the map , until he finds the spot that happens to be in the middle of lake. Garret watches as Talutah rockets into the air then drops into the frozen lake.

After a few minutes , Talutah pops out , she lands facing the group, “About a mile and half down there is a break in the earth , there is space shuttle of some kind down there,” Agnessa breaks out small tubes with a small mouth guard, she goes down the line handing out the ‘re-breather’, she pauses to help Rhan to fit it into her mouth.

Vartan begins softly, “The water will be ice cold to begin with , the deeper you go it become freezing , though we won’t have to worry about hyperthermia, its just how the system works. You won’t get wet, you won’t die , but you will be ungodly cold.” Agnessa turns to Seth , “I didn’t know if you needed one , but here take it just in case,”

They walk into the wall, the force field protects them, hugging their clothing, the cold water penetrates the warm air around there bodies slowly causing them to get chilled. Vartan leads the groups , walking then swimming after Talutah.

Sinew turns back to Ellette, as she steps into the lake , she is instantly enjoying the coldness of the water. Then they both begin to drop down, quickly. Rhan , Seth and Agnessa are trailing behind, Vartan voice whispers to them all, “Checking the radio system,”

The space ship isn’t very big , its about the size of a van, that is shaped like a rounded L shape, with varies feelers sticking out of the bottom of the ship. The ship is nestle into a huge block of ice , with a tiny pocket of air , near the door , where a car lies buried in ice.

Talutah turns to the group, “This is where Orchid got in, there is three adults just within the door. It look like they froze to death.”

Inside the ship, is a mass of crawl spaces , lead and twisting through the ship. They divide up into groups , searching the ship for clues to where the Acceleration Engine is hidden. Vartan has taken Seth, Rhan and Garret with his group , Sinew , Ellette , Agnessa and Talutah are in another group.

“This is beautiful , look at the design woven into the tiles,” Ellette whispers , guiding a hand over the metal tiles that make up the hull and floor. Sinew looks at the various machines , gears, and odd things he had no name for.

Agnessa kneels over a semi-humanoid creature , but its fingers are longer, its eyes huge , and its skin tough. Talutah hovers listening for any signs of troubles.

“GODS CHARIOT,” Seth breathes, Rhan wrinkles her noise at the smells of the old space ship. Garret moves with them slowly , looking at everything.

“Ohhhhhhh Essex , you-who, PSST! , Essex,” Sinew shakes his head, nobody has said his real name since high school, he looks around the others are moving away from him. The voice tugs at his mind, “PSST! Come over , Essex..” Sinew follows.. No not follows , is pulled to the voice, another voice begins softly, “PSST! Pick me Essex!”

Seth breathes, “the voices are here,” he begins to chase them down, then Rhan and Garret are following him. Vartan shakes his head, then chases after them , “Heads up people, Seth found something, I ‘think'”

Sinew watches as a door slides open , a voice whispers, “Chose , near-unlimited God like power. Or a simple power that has no value but to yourself,” The voices whisper , pleading, for Sinew to pick them. Sinew is unaware of the door being closed , his eyes open wide, he walks pass a crowd of green and purple jelly creatures.

He passes the ones that offers him the power of Gods, pass the one that offers him the ability to turn any substance into another, pass the ones that offer him to create dreams, he stops at the edge of a small table, he kneels down, picks the only jelly creature that doesn’t lobby for him to take it.

It dances in warm touch, he watches, suddenly the voices go still, Sinew draws out a knife and then rears back , sinking the blade into his chest. He slumps over, the jelly creature moves and slides into his body.

When Vartan, Seth, Rhan, Garret , Ellette , Agnessa and Talutah, open the door they find the ground cover with blood. Ellette screams , then the door slides open, Sinew steps through, he watches, “The Acceleration Engine will be online in a bit, its got new power source.” He reaches out touches Ellette face , she notices a change in his smile, and his touch.

Sinew watches the group, “I won’t be going back to America, I can’t explain but I belong here now.” He shrugs not able to explain, then he turns away from them, “Be ready in twenty minutes to ‘Accelerate’,” He takes Ellette by the hand, “I have something wonderful to show you,”

The Locust space station ,

Vartan, Seth, Rhan, Garret , Agnessa and Talutah appear out of nowhere, three soldiers , altered humans , turn on the group.

Vartan ducks under a wide punch , he counters with open palm hit to the soldier’s gut, knocking him to the ground. Talutah , backhands one soldier , knocking him out, the remaining soldier , drops as Rhan strikes him down from behind.

The space station is gearing up for the invasion of Canada , and America. Whatever soldiers would have been walking around , are in space shuttles , getting ready.

Christian watches , Vartan, Seth, Rhan, Garret , Agnessa and Talutah, he whispers, “So the church mice has called in other rodents to save them,” Christian turns to his daughter, being tended to by a few feline hand maidens, he thinks, ‘I will have to wait til later to finish her,’.

“Zinerva, we have guest, herd them into the vacuum room , then let lose two or three of our new toys,” Christian whispers, he hears Zinerva , reply , “Yes Master,” Then softly, “That is too close to your chambers Master,” Christian whispers, “I do not wish to miss this match, have that fool Champion brought down as well.”

Doors begin to seal , the group are forced to follow the path, as the huge blast doors that block their path are made out of some unknown metal, that doesn’t even dent under Talutah punches. The path winds on forever it seems , until finally the path widens and ends at a single large room.


Two male humans , wearing heavy jackets of midnight blue and gold, body suits of deep green, and small boots , that cut off at the ankle. As the rise out of the floor, they are surrounded in a swirl of colored orbs , that circle and dance about them. Their hair is bright pink , mixed with reds and oranges.

“AND GOD UNTO THE ANGEL OF DEATH, THIS IS YOUR FINAL BATTLE,” Seth breathes, Talutah begins to speak when one of the humans moves, he is nothing more than a blur, he nearly hits Agnessa, but Rhan tackles the human from his path.

Seth drops his head, his body wrapped in black energy plated mail , he forms a black energy sword and shield. He rushes the other Human, who dodges the strike , smashing the shield.

In a flash on energy , a blur of motion , Seth and the second human dance about each other. The second human then an instant , knocks Seth , throwing him into the wall, cracking Seth’s energy black plate mail.

Rhan dodges , jumps , the first human is unbelievable fast , he moves in blur of color, his punches barely miss. Rhan sinks her claws into the Human’s skin but when she withdraws it , her arm is cover in black goo.

Suddenly Rhan misses , she is about to get hit, when Vartan tackles the first human , knocking it to the floor. The human is up instantly , Rhan watches Vartan takes a hit, he drops to the ground, then the Human kicks him aside.

Talutah blind sides the second Human, slamming him with all her power , it simply turns it head and spits. Talutah backs off , the Human moves in a blur , she is hit in the gut , then smashed in the face , another hit in her ear , another hit to her gut , then she feels a series of brutal kicks and then a final upper cut.

Agnessa teleports behind the second human as it finishes hitting Talutah , she pulls out a small blaster , catching the Human in the back knocking it forward. She teleports, fires , teleports , and repeats , until she grabbed from behind.

“You see , daughter, your actions are pointless, your friends are going to die,” Christian strokes her face , Champion whispers from behind him , “You are making a mistake,” Christian turns to the Champion, who is speaking, “You don’t know what that boy is capable of,” Christian says, “I am well aware of his ability and his power, as I am of your ability and power,”

Agnessa looks into Rhan eyes, as the first Human begins to crush their spines, she watches Rhan kicks and struggles. Agnessa closes her eyes , something is preventing her from teleporting, she begins to feel the darkness engulf her.

Garret closes his eyes , focus a blast of energy into hands , then thrusts it point blank into the first Human hip and ribs. A massive blast of energy consumes the creature , Garret closes his eyes focusing his energy.

Agnessa grabs Rhan , as the First human is hit with Garret’s energy , Agnessa teleports. She watches as Garret drops to the floor. She screams , teleporting to grab Garret , then teleporting back.

Agnessa pulls back Garret’s jacket , watches as a blood begins to spread. There is a blur , Agnessa feels the second Human smash her face and nose. She begins to get up, then there is a flash, she closes her eyes.

Seth , holds the second Human’s fist , then knocks the creature away with a blast of black energy.

Suddenly the blast door begin to open , Christian spins on his daughter, he says “Zinerva nullify her power now,” Zinerva lifts a hand , but he knows its too late. Christian , watches Agnessa teleports Rhan, and Garret through the open door.

The door begins slide shut, Christian can feel his daughter struggle against Zinerva ability.

Watching this ,

Seth lifts a hand jams the door with a black energy sword, he watches Agnessa teleport grab Vartan , then Talutah, she appears before Seth. He points a hand at her, she watches for the first time , the child speak, “Good bye,” Agnessa screams as a weak blast of energy knocks her through the opening the door slams shuts.

Seth forms the energy battle axe, then turns to the Humans , “AND GOD SAY UNTO THE ANGEL OF DEATH, THAT THE ANGELS WILL NOT PERISH AT THE HANDS OF PAGAN GODS…” Then Seth moves in rush , the First Human barely is able to dodge , as black energy cut into body.

Christian watches as the blast doors begin to seal through out the station , “Somehow the boy triggered the defense shield , nullify these Sylphs then get someone into the ..” Talutah rises from the ground , knocks Christian against the face , he lets out a grunt then backs up blocking with shield, which he formed out his forearm.

Zinerva lifts a hand, Talutah breaks her hand on the shield , Christian swats her away with a hand, the wall grabs her shackles her there. She struggles and twist, as Rhan jumps into Zinerva her claws cutting through the ‘early sylphs’ body armor, he growls in pain.

Zinerva lifts a hand , Rhan drops as her body twist in pain , she begins to whimper, Vartan drags himself off the ground , kicking Zinerva into the wall.

Zinerva lifts a hand , Vartan breathes, “You think I need my powers to kill to you,” Zinerva feels a kick then a second one, Vartan hand smashes Zinerva jaw and eyes. Zinerva lets out a scream, as Vartan begins to slam him into the wall.

Then suddenly the wall grabs Vartan and drags him into it. Agnessa, and Garret both out cold are as well dragged to the wall.

Zinerva pulls himself off the ground, watches Christian, whispers “Pump the air from the room, see if he needs to breath,” Beyond them in the vacuum room , Seth is hammering and blasting both humans like a possessed creature.

The second human dodges as the blast rushes pass him, he watches as the first human shatters more of the boy’s armor. The boy turns on the first human , swinging the axe down, cutting the first human deeply though the first human simple regenerates the damage.

The second human watches for his chance then rushes in with his super speed , suddenly the boy turns , and screams “AND THE ANGEL OF DEATH LET DARKNESS FIND THE EVIL IN THE HEART OF THE HALF LIFE,” A lance of black energy is formed , the second human , attempts to dodge but something drags into the lance.

The first human takes the chance to knock the boy flying into wall. Then is rushes in , moving in a zig zag pattern , as Seth gets up the first human palm hits his helmet cover face, then another blow to his gut, another blow to his back , the first human teleports around him, slamming Seth over and over again.

The second Human, through badly wounded smiles, as the boy’s armor begins to crumble. It looks down at the energy lance, then begins to pull it out, watching as tickles of blood begin to appear.

Slowly the air is removed , Seth begins to notice it, he can’t find the first human , who is taking its time to knock him about. So Seth creates a shell of darkness , then pulls and puts the ‘re-breather’ into his mouth. The boy takes a minute to focus his thoughts before throwing the first human into the wall with a blast of energy.

The second Human is moving in a blur , faster than it had before , it smashes Seth through the spine, dropping him like a bag of flour. The second human , points a hand at the boy , then lets out a massive blast of green yellow energy.

“NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!” Talutah begins to struggle, pulling the wall apart , Zinerva lifts a hand to make sure her powers are cancelled. Then Christian breathes , “That should be the end of it, the boy has dropped in power,” Champion whispers, “Idiot!” Christian turns, “You think other wise,” Champion struggles, “I can feel it , it’s a living thing, even if you kill the vessel,” Christian turns to watch.

Seth mind is silent , the voices , the pain , he can’t hear anything more than his breathing and heartbeat. He curls his fingers, he feels the energy that flows through him, that talked to him when he was so scared and lonely , when he needed to be protected , he feels that warmth again.

The first human pulls the ‘re-breather’ from the boy’s mouth and crushes. It begins to turn to second human , when the boy rises from the ground. He begins softly, “MY NAME IS SETH, I AM THE ANGEL OF THE DEATH, I AM THE HEART AND THE SOUL OF HUMANITY, I AM DEATH TO YOU,” The boy begins laughing , slowly his body turns to pure black energy, he draws out a two handed sword of black , purple and red energy, twice as tall as the boy.

“MY NAME IS SETH, I AM THE ANGEL OF THE DEATH, SCREAM MY NAME!” The boy is on the first human in an instant , the two handed sword of black , purple and red energy comes down , cutting off the human’s arm. The boy rears back , the Human screams , it brings up a shield , but the boy cuts through it screaming , “MY NAME IS SETH, I AM THE ANGEL OF THE DEATH, BRINGER OF JUSTICE, BRINGER OF DEATH, ” The first human rushes in, the boy dodges , as first human strikes , blocks and dances in mid air with the boy.

Then the boy strikes the first human down , it drops in a pool of blackness , the boy lifts a hand blasts the pool of darkness turning into steam.

The Second Human moves in striking the boy, knocking the two handed sword from his hands, the boy explodes in burst of energy throwing the second human into the wall. But the Second human is up , instantly , throws itself into the boy.

The boy’s energy body blocks and twist , Second Human throws punches and kicks, then Seth extends a hand a blast escapes knocking the second human into the wall. Seth drops from the air, his body becoming human once again, the second human lies still as well.

Christian watches the boy gasp, then turns away, “Its over, he exhausted himself, now he will suffocate,” Talutah closes her eyes , then begins to pull from the wall it snaps , Christian turns, he watches as Vartan begins to pull back from the wall. Christian turns to Zinerva who is trying his best to hold them back.

Suddenly Champion begins to laugh, “OMG I HEAR THE VOICES TO,” Christian spins, as the others are struggling , Champion screams , “WE WILL NOT BE A SLAVE TO ANY CREATURE!” Christian watches as Talutah tears herself from the wall , she hits Zinerva and knocks him through the floor.

The door begins to slide open, “Sorry father, if you had asked I would have explained.” Christian backs into a wall tries to merge with it, but can’t he closes his eyes.

Talutah scopes up Seth in her arms , she whispers, as Vartan kneels beside her, “He is bleeding bad, look red blood,” Vartan tears his clothing, begins to plug up the cuts, and wounds as best as he can. Talutah talks softly to Seth.


Christian , thinks ‘I am cornered,’ Rhan draws out her claw , as approaches him , Agnessa pulls Garret close looking at his wounds. Then suddenly a voice rises out, “Let Christian go, or I will fire on America,” The voice belongs to Serpuhi.

Jenessa Ghiest, the golden-green eyed girl, whispers, “Let him go,” She turns to her father, “Go,”

In the main control center of the Locust, hours have passed , while they decide on what to do with the space station,

“How is your friend?” Jenessa asks, as Talutah walks in. Talutah replies , “He is sleeping,” Vartan enters after her , he watches , “Please tell me I am not the only one hearing voices,” Jenessa smiles, “Its ok I hear them to,”

“Vartan, Talutah, come see this lower deck , floor six,”

The lower deck of floor six is a research area with huge vaults ,

Seth stands at the vault door, leaning on Agnessa, as Talutah and Jenessa enter , Vartan flanks them. Rhan is smelling everything running back and forth. Garret sits in a chair , his eyes closed.

“He wouldn’t take no for an answer, he had to come here,” Agnessa explains, then she watches as the vault slides into the floor. Jenessa nearly collapses , but Talutah catches her.

Inside the vault is cool, dark and deep orange. They move through slowly listening, then Seth whispers, “God”. The original green and purple jelly creature dances and wiggles at the sight of them. Seth moves and slides the casing from around the jelly creature.

Telepathically the creature shows them , a its past and history, how it is a symbiote colony of creatures from a world where the creatures had no immune system, how the creatures of that world had destroyed it , this the original had traveled through space in a frozen state for centuries, it explain how the human immune system nearly wiped out the symbiote creature’s species, it explained how the Ghiest had used it sons and daughters to advance herself in wealth and power. It went on to explain how Ghiest had learn of it being a living creature , a colony of creatures worked together to produce and refine immune, and other living defense systems. It explained how Ghiest had sent a colony to earth to attempt to survive on its own. It explained about the telepathic human that tried to control the colony’s ship, It explained the deal it made with Ghiest , protection in exchange for power developed from centuries of dreaming.

It told of a deal , a child , that would bind Ghiest and symbiote creature. It told how it had prevented it death , it told how Christian Spartan had created half breed symbiote creature ones that lived in metal , and energy not in life forms. It told how great those half breed had become , how they were going to betray Christian.

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