Tempore, Beginnings (Prelude)


At sixteen the beautiful red haired , green eyed Jennifer Ghiest, was going the wrong way down a way one street. She was involved in drugs , sex , and all the stuff that makes a bad girl , a really good girl. Her heart belong at the time , to a fifteen year old boy , named Christian Spartan, a brilliant teenager , that was well rounded in poetic poses , music , and science.

Jennifer loved being with Christian , because he always took the time to feed whatever need was gnawing at her. But the teenager in Jennifer , caused her to abuse him to no end, making him suffer and beg for her affection, even through she treasured him.

On the night of Jennifer’s seventeenth birthday , Christian took Jennifer on a raid to free some poor helpless lab animals , and score drugs , that the university was studying. Christian had made some gadget that allowed him to easily bypass the security systems , the gadget , a simple looking notebook PC , sent an electric magnetic shockwave through the university. The shockwave , manage to disable phone systems, PCs , cameras, electronic locks , as well as many of the cars surrounding the university.

The raiding teams, went about their work, freeing the animals , while Christian lead Jennifer by the hand , down the winding hallways, pass lab doors , until he came to a huge iron vault, he looks a bit puzzled , then whispers, “Normally they have a chain mesh, or glass enclosure that protects the drugs.” Jennifer was drooling at the thought, she breathes, “There must be some really good stuff in there can you get it open?” Christian whispers, “Easily, Jen, easily,” , he begin to examine the vault door, Jennifer watches as his glove covered fingers dances overs the keypad, then Christian slides out a small bottle, and applies it to the vault , a slow mist raises out , and slips through the cracks in the vault door.

Jennifer rushes in the second , the vault door flies open , “OMG WOW!” The vault is filled with tons of drugs, pills , needles , and things that Jennifer had only dreamed about ever trying. She turns and pulls Christian in close to kiss her deeply , her tongue meeting his eager tongue. She feels him grind against her , she whispers, “Your mom how tonight?” Christian shakes his head, “She isn’t.” Jennifer smiles wickedly , then turns backs to gather up the drugs , vials, pills , and other stuff. Christian pulls out his custom made briefcase , that prevents drug dogs from smelling the contents, and prevents anyone from knowing the contents , as it has an acid system which eats everything but the case inside walls.

The raiders they rider with , are an older lot , late twenties, in the cool night air, the woman, with long blonde hair, in the front seat leans over the driver, she is whispering to him. Jennifer shivers , as car begins to pull off the road.

“Ahhh,” Christian is yanked by his hair , out of the car. He begins to ask , “Wha..” When one of the largest guys , kicks Christian in the face, then the others , three males and two females , begin to stomp the living hell out him. Christian, struggles to get up, but the thin tall male hits Christian in the left eye.

Christian curls up into a ball, Jennifer starts to get up , the blonde in the front seat , grabs her shoulder, “Don’t be stupid, they will jump on you to.” Christian covers his face , as best as he can, as the three males begin to stomp, kick , and jump on him. One of the girls, a chubby thing with big wart on her nose, goes into the back of the trunk , and begins to digging for something.

Jennifer’s eyes lock with Christian, then he screams , finally , as the chubby girl , shoves a cattle prod into his body. Christian is shocked again and again, he begins to cry , his curled fingers are jumped on , and kicked.

Jennifer watches Christian, her heart screams for her to do something, but she just sits there numbly. When the beating is finally over , Christian doesn’t move , his eyes are rolled back in his head, and his body is twisted messed.

Jennifer turns as the blonde tells the driver, “No Danny , come on baby we have to get to the boy’s house, before morning.” The driver Danny watches his girlfriend as she begins to kiss and fondle him, he turns the car on , Jennifer turns back as the chubby girl pisses on Christian.

The car ride back into town , is silent one, every once and while the chubby girl would try to provoke another beating , or maybe a rape. But the driver , shot back with , “No,” in the darkness , Jennifer didn’t even cry , she thought back to the look in the boy’s eyes.

The house was dark when , the gang arrived, Jennifer had been instructed to point out the house of Christian. Jennifer had done so , without a second thought.

She lead the group into the house , she watched them begin to yank apart the beautiful house, taking anything of value, the blonde girl , steps up to her, taking her by the arm, in a low whisper, “I am gonna take you into the bathroom for a pleasure break , and then I will let you out the window, I know they want you bad.” Jennifer was lead through the house, Danny asked where they were going , the blonde girl whispers, “Just getting her all warmed up,”

“Here,” The blonde girl yanked out a belt of drugs that Christian had stolen for her, “Just get really high and forget about it,” The blonde girl kisses her, deeply , and Jennifer kisses her back, then breaks the kiss, and climbs the sink and opens the window.

Jennifer stumbles through the streets in a drug induced tranced , making her way back to her trailer , that her mother owned. She wasn’t thinking about anything, as she stumbled into the door, and down the hallway into her bedroom.

The night was a haze of demons , and ghosts, many times Jennifer was awaken , but she would just take something , and she was back in her trance. Jennifer’s world became one of waking and drug induced trances.

“I don’t know what you want , but Jennifer isn’t talking right now. She is still a minor..” Her mother droned on, about something, Jennifer fell back into her trance like state. Her mother would enter the room, to pry the drugs , from her hands , but Jennifer just dives back into her trance with her hidden stash.

Jennifer is dragged by her hair from bed, she opens her mouth to scream, but nothing comes out. She passes by her mother on the ground, in a ball, her face bleeding and her hand twisted in an unnatural angle.

Jennifer looks up to the woman dragging her by the hair, “Christian’s mum” The woman , drops her , then begins to shake her wildly , “WHERE IS MY SON! WHERE IS MY SON!” Then Christian’s mum goes berserk, slapping and shaking Jennifer, doesn’t cry out , she only whispers, “I am so sorry.. I am so sorry.. I am so sorry.. “

At the edge of the small town , is a shack of hippies , a group of do-nothings, that make a living by protesting , and stagging raids, then selling the spoils to others. They are jackals , they set upon each other when they since a chance to better than themselves.

Danny , the driver , watches the chubby girl, he wishes he hadn’t driven the blonde away, she was a hundred times better than the chubby Darla.

“Click – Slick” The hippies turn as one, as the sound of something cocking and loading sounds outside. There is a silence , then the sound , “Shhhh-ir-shh- ir -” then a soft buzzing.

Suddenly the wooden walls , and plaster , crumble inward, three huge machines, with oval upper bodies , on two legs swept backwards , storm into the house. The hippies stare blankly , as the oval bodies open up revealing a seventy pack of needles. The room is instantly sprayed with needles, shredding the unarmored bodies.

Danny chokes on his own blood, as he crawls along the floor , trying to escape. Danny is aware that the chubby Darla is being crushed to death under the machine’s massive weight. Danny closes his eyes, then darkness engulfs him.

“I have to turn on the tape recorder , but you don’t have to speak or disclose your thoughts to me in words. I will take written notes and we talk like that, ok?” Jennifer watches the young doctor who doubles as mental health expert. The doctor smiles warmly at Jennifer, whom, whispers, “Its ok. I would rather speak aloud.”

“Are you still having the nightmares? Have you allowed yourself to cry for Christian?” the doctor ask, searching Jennifer’s face, Jennifer whispers, “I watched my boyfriend die before my eyes, no offense doctor but of course I have nightmares. GODDAMN IT, HE WAS BEATEN TO DEATH AND I DID NOTHING… nothing to stop it,” Jennifer closes her eyes, she whispers, “I can’t even cry for him, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!”

Behind a two way mirror,

“This is very common behavior of the subject, her mother brought her in a few months ago.” The heavy set man, with blonde hair whispers, he continues, “She has been watched since she came here , she sheds no tears , and she has nightmares about demons taking the boy away.” He turns to the doctors , watching them nod, and whisper among themselves.

The heavy set man sighs, “They decided she is cured ; last night, because she is beyond our care.” One of the doctors whispers, “Her coverage ran out?” The heavy set man nods, “Basically, yes.”

The heavy set man name is Jason Yestervai.

The following day,

“Honey are you sure you don’t want to stay here, I can..” Jennifer’s mom trails off, as her child rushes about the house getting her stuff packed. Jennifer’s mom, whispers, “I am sorry if…” She doesn’t know what to say to her little girl, then Jennifer pops out of her room, “Its not your fault mom, I just need to get away for a while,”

It takes Jennifer a few hours to pack her clothing , the police had taken nearly all her belongings , as ‘proceeds of drug dealer’ kind of thing. The judge threw the case out , when the detectives admitted to seizing the drugs without a search warrant. They testified plain sight, then had to recant that testimony when the judge and DA found out they had to destroy three safes to at the drugs.

“Is there anything else I am forgetting?” Jennifer asked her mother. Her mother , lead her by the hand, and walked over to the icebox , “I don’t know what is it.. But its not drugs and its not anything the lab was missing,” Jennifer’s mother whispers.

In the icebox is a small vial of funny looking green and purple jelly. Jennifer reaches her hand inside , and pulls the vial free, the jelly dances at her warmth. It begins to bounce and dance, Jennifer puts it into her pocket.

“Today was a break through in medical history, Ghiest Inc. , lead by the beautiful and talented , Jennifer Ghiest , discover a cure for many common diseases, the chemical called Evacska Eztli, has proven itself as effective a skilled surgeon.” The news reporter reads the tele-prompter.

“It has adverse effects in children , it’s purely random , in what it strengthens , and what is weakens. It causes some marvelous effects and some disfiguring effects. I think we should pull it from the shelves,” Jennifer watches the physiologists, biologists, doctors and others in her trusted circle , before saying, “We can use this to our a advantage,”

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