Tempore, City of Angels


In final months of 2002 , a company called Nightshade Corporation, begin a war that forever changed the world map of Earth. France surrender to Nightshade Corporation without much trouble , the backbone of the French resistance was crushed , as Nightshade Corporation constructed a massive shell force to protect its borders from a global strike force.

While in Kuwait, the US forces and Kuwaiti forces were over powered. Instead of risking lives , in a place the United States was unwelcome in, the US withdrew from the Middle East for the most part.

Iran and Iraq , took it on themselves to begin to take territory, as many of the Middle East countries dropped into violent civil unrest. Nightshade had supplied many groups within the region with advance weaponry and armor, then reduced the armies in the region to dust.

Iran military had been the best prepared for the war that followed, as Arabs once again took to horse back and camel. The result was a massive Iran state , that was in total disorder.

Canada had been Nightshade Corporation’s final victim, a ploy to draw US forces into the conflict, in hopes to weaken US, Canada and North American land mass. But Nightshade Corporation wasn’t expecting the response to defend Canada by not only Canadians , but British and American forces. Countries as far as away as Russia and China sent in help.

Sylphs from all walks of life join the Canadian resistance , when the Guild , a mercenary collection of Sylphs, that sided with Nightshade Corporation.

During this time , the world was introduce, to the ‘Sylph’, children and young adults with amazing powers, while the truth behind the ‘Sylph’ would be hidden from the world for another sixteen months. The chemical known as Evacska Eztli, was really a symbiote colony of creatures.

Jennifer Ghiest and the Ghiest Inc., are solely responsible for the release of ‘Sylph’. The man responsible for the global release of Evacska Eztli, Quint Ghiest, will forever been given the credit of producing the first ‘Monster Sylph’, animals altered by Evacska Eztli.

A handful of ‘Sylphs’ waged a secret war against Nightshade Corporation founder, Christian Spartan, preventing an all out invasion of Earth.

Into this world we return , as United States of America , undergoes a massive change in the way Sylph enforcers of justice are treated. A time when peace officers , face a new threat to their lives, a threat that they are unable to handle.

End Foreword

Tempore: The City of Angels

Chapter 1

“AND I promise, the people of California, that we will not give into the Presidential demands , for vigilante Sylphs. I say , our boys in blue can easily handle any threat to our lives , without an unchecked , overpowered bunch of half-breeds , interfering,” Governor Jake Osborn, screams.

“In today’s news , a Sylph child , trying to stop a bank robber , was gun by Governor Osborn’s squad of Sylphs and armored suits.” The CNN reporter whispers.

Los Angeles, December tenth, second year of two thousand,

“WE NEED BACKUP NOW,” Chas Von Jervuis , screams , as he drags himself through the streets. The night cold , and damp , he stumbles a few times, the undercover police officer had been struck six times , and was bleeding to death.

Chas wasn’t thinking about much , he had been set up for a major drug buy, his backup had been ambushed , and as far as he knew he was the only one alive.

Behind a patrol car , that is angled against the wall , just before an alley way.

“Huu Huu Huu,” Her breathe was coming in gasps, the bullets had punched through her body armor , and through her patrol car. Her mind was focusing on trying to move her hand , but for some reason , she can’t move her arm.

“He dead?” A voice of one of the shooter , says. Another voice says , “I don’t know he was nothing more than a splatter of blood in the middle of the road,” The first voice sighs, “Let’s finish this piggy , and catch up with Paul.”

She struggles as the men , come around the corner , her left hand grasps the her service piece, but as she does a heavy boot crushes her hand. An unshaven face , glares at her , she is yanked into the middle of the street , then brought to her knees, execution style.

“Make her beg for her life , Billy,” the second man tells the unshaven man, who nods.

The female officer eyes is instantly drawn to a figure that appeared before her, sitting on her patrol car.

Wild hair , like the 80s Bon Jovi , a dark blue mask with large eye slots , tiny slits no more than half an inch are cut at a slant across from each other over the mouth, the body suit semi made into the mask some how.

The shoulders, chest , and belly down the center of the thighs was dark blue, the ribs to just below the shoulders on either side of the belly was deep green-blue. A medical waste symbol is made into the figure’s body suit.

The boots of the figure, are moccasin like boots, woven into the body suit.

Over the figure shoulder is a civil war era style cape , that appears to have no ties or snaps, it just hangs there.

His forearms are cover in leather padding, his fingers and hands cover by a skin tight material.

Around the figure’s waist is a world war II era utility belt , with knife sheath and empty pistol holster.

The unshaven man , rises his colt pistol , as he does the figure lifts a hand , a stream of deep green energy engulfs the man. He screams as the stream hits him , then the energy curls itself around the man , taking him from his feet. He hits the cement with a thud.

The second man , draws out an Uzi , begins to spray the figure , as he backs up , the figure lifts a hand , producing a shell of green energy. The eye slots in the mask squeeze tight , as the bullets hit the shell, slowly until bullets drops onto the patrol car’s hood.

The second man takes off running , the figure lifts a hand , the second man is thrown into a light post. He slumps over , twitching and crying.

“Tell me you got that.” The female reporter asks , the camera man, he just nods. She walks forward , as the figure jumps down to the street. The camera man , follows after the young twenty two year, deep blue eyes and sandy-blonde hair , cub reporter , who is nothing more than a coffee girl and gopher.

She steps over the wounded officer , who lies slumped against the wall. The partner of female police officer.

The officer slumps over into the arms on the figure , he whispers, “Have to open your shirt,” He draws open her shirt , examines the wounds, then pulls the body armor off her. She watches his eyes, she begins to talk , he places a finger over her lips , “Quiet , I don’t have the good Ghiest pads, I think these will do,” He begins to patch her , as he pulls out lesser Ghiest patches , he does his best to cover the wounds.

Then he takes out a small bag from his utility belt , from the bag he draws out a large cube of ice, he instructs her, “Suck don’t chew,” He watches the night , then lifts a hand , a bunch of blankets , and small TV is drawn from a house. The owner comes to the window briefly, then ducks back into his house.

He makes her comfortable as possible , then gets up. He crosses to the fallen men , and loots them of cash , watches and rings. He then points a hand at the man who had been knocked into light post , with a finger green energy streams and covers the wounded man with energy bonds.

The cub reporter , and her camera crew , move into the street , as the figure fires a green energy cord into the buildings and vanishes into the night. The cub reporter kneels briefly over the wounded officer , picks up the radio , “Officer down , second block south of Harbor Freeway,”

Chas Von Jervuis turns into an alley , as three men come around the corner , they run him down, following him into the alley.

“Where the hell did he go?” The alley ends in a dead end , the three begin to search for the wounded officer, calling “Here piggy,” They kick trash cans , move cardboard boxes.

Chas Von Jervuis stares inches from the figure , then Chas Von Jervuis looks down as the figure is attached to the wall. The figure draws the officer upward, then sets him down on the roof, the figure says , “Be right back,”

Tod “Iron Heart” Franklin , is a bully , he would never had followed the officer into the alley if it had been just him alone. He couldn’t handle killing anyone, he stumbles out of the alley , then turns the corner, the figure is attach to the wall. A hand covers Tod’s mouth , he tries to struggle to pull his pistol free , but can’t.

The figure spins a green energy around Tod’s body , then tosses Tod across the street.

“Tod?” The heavy set , Ryan Mcvern , steps out of the alley , begins to walk towards Tod who is lying in a bands of green energy. Ryan walks to the man, then suddenly a figure drops from the light post.

Ryan watches the figure , as he says , “Boo!” Ryan stumbles backwards , firing into the air , the figure lifts a hand , holding the falling bullets in mid-air, then , then the figure lifts throwing Ryan into a wall.

The other man , turns the corner , as he begins to take aim , the cub reporter screams, “Look out,” The man fires on the cub reporter , she covers up , but the bullets turn in mid air , and head to the figure.

The figure holds a hand , controlling the flight on the bullets , then lets them drop onto the ground. Then the figure lifts a hand yanking gunman forward , then throwing him aside. Green energy jumps from the figure , tying up the man.

The cub report watches as the figure lifts into the air , then lands on the building across the street. She motions the camera man forward, as she watches the figure descend into the street , holding a police officer in his arms.

“Who are you,” The officer asks , the cub reporter crosses to them. The figure sets about giving the officer first aid. The officer closes his eyes , as pain dies down to a thumping in his head. The figure gives the officer ice to suck on , draws blankets from a nearby houses.

The cub reporter , helps the officer with the ice. She places a hand on his radio, but she can tell it has been ruin. She turns to the camera man, who filming the figure looting the men, she whispers, “This is twice we have seen him looting bodies,”

The figure crosses to her , he can’t believe she is so young and pretty. He sighs, “You gonna be following me?” She nods, he says , “Ok but don’t get killed or anything,” He lifts the three of them into the air , then begins to move south.

The black van had chased the officers down the road, it has a mini-gun mounted into its cargo area. For the past twenty minutes the officers , four total , had tried to get away , but they had chased , fired on then finally run into an alley.

“We need backup, NOW , GODDAMN,” He, Casey Roberts, is the only one who hasn’t been hit, but the female rookie , on ride along , the elderly officer , and rookie who was riding with him, were hit bad. He reloads his nine millimeter, takes a deep breath , he wishes for half a second he had not taken the call for backup.

The black van unloads , four men and a woman , they move into the alley , submachine guns drawn. The other end of the alley is capped by a two men , and another van.

Casey takes a deep breath , then suddenly the figure appears on the wall. Casey turns , levels his nine millimeter at the figure, whom whispers, “Just checking to see if you wanted to share, you got a lot of bad guys, and I finished mine already.” Casey lowers his gun , he can’t afford not to accept help, even from a freak in a mask.

The figure sets about , patching the officers, and giving them ice. Casey watches him , as he stops at the female rookie, Tara Noble, the figure whispers, “An artery has been severed,” Then to himself, “Can you repair?” The figure whispers, “You don’t have to,” The officer watches him as the figure whispers, “I am going to try to repair the artery,” Casey watches , then suddenly the officers , is lifted into the air and dumped on the roof. Casey watches the cub reporter , she watches as the figure and Tara are left in the alley.

A green shell of energy engulfs him , he places hand over Tara’s leg , then begins to telekinetically guiding the symbiote creatures to the damaged area. The symbiote creatures are like lemmings , rushing in to repair her artery , dying from the immunity system of the human girl. They hurl themselves in great numbers to mend the artery.

The figure is half aware of the bullets being fired at him, his eyes are closed , the healing taking all his energy. He begins to feel the damage in her body turn from a gush of blood to a trickle seepage.

The figure drops the shell , bullets are caught in mid air and thrown into the walls. He struggles to keep from passing out, his body aches as he gets up.

As they approach the figure , he lifts a hand throws them into the wall, knocking them cold. The figure walks through the hail of gun fire, his body slowly going numb from his exhaustion. The black van opens slowly , the mini-gun comes down on the figure, the figure yanks a gunman from behind him , then throws him into the black van.

The van and gunman are knocked into a small dinner, that has been abandoned for a few years. The remaining gunman is struck down by officer Casey.

The figure raises into the air , lands on the roof, hands Tara to Casey then descends into the alley. The cub reporter watches as the figure loots the bodies, tossing drugs and guns into a pile, then he fires a green energy cord into the roof edge and pulls himself.

He turns to the cub reporter, she says “I suppose you want the film in the camera,” He shakes his no, he turns to the officer , “Your backup is coming,” Casey whispers, “Thank you,” Then before the figure can say anything else.

Two armored suits appear , “You are under arrest, Sylph, ” The figure turns to him, and states, “Go to hell,” One armored suit reaches out for the cub reporter’s camera man, but the figure lifts a hand , green energy snakes around and binds the armored suit. The second armored lifts a hand, when Casey pulls out his pistol , the armored suit , drops it hand, then turns to the officer, “You are going to lose your badge for drawing on a state officer, empower..”

They turn and the figure is gone.

Barely an hour later,

“Well Emily Orazio ,had an adventure, tonight,” The woman begins , turns to the young cub reporter , as the tape begins to roll, she sneers, “Lucky bitch,” She stands up, as her coffee girl , talks about the tape with FOX news by telephone.

Just before nine pm,

A pizza place , known as The Half Shell, a relic from the days when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were all the rage. The place had become an icon, never changed , save for the nightly specials.

“Pick up order for Anastasio,” The twenty year old man, spoke to the sixteen year old cashier, she gets up from her stool, walks over to the oven and pulls out the three large pizzas. She reads the total, “Its fifteen twenty five,” The twenty year old man fishes out a twenty , hands it to her.

After she has given him the changed, he hands her three dollars for a tip, though its not a lot of money. He turns away , as the girl pockets the money instead of putting in the tip jar.

Sebastián Anastasio, pauses as a crow lands on his shoulder, then begins walking again. He lowers his head, tired , and really to eat. The street becomes darker and more run down , the further he gets away from the pizza shop.

At the apartment complex , he unlocks the door, slides in, before long he is moving up the stairs.

As the door swings open , his siblings and cousin , nine total , rush him, taking the pizzas. He smiles at his mom, who is holding his youngest brother, barely two. His mother , in his eyes is a saint, after his uncle, father and aunt took off , his mother was left with nine kids.

They had managed to land a rent controlled apartment , four bedrooms, and two bath, for six hundred a month.

She walks over to him, kisses his cheek , whispering “Thank you for the dinner son,” He smiles, “Its cool mom,” She watches him , he has become more drawn , and tired in the last few days. She whispers, “We took some of your sodas too, sorry,” He smiles, “its ok mom,”

He sighs, all that is left after the monsters get through raiding the pizza are the veggie slices and one cheese slice. He curls up on the couch , eating the pizza , his oldest cousin appears, she has become a second a mother , she brings him a slice of all meat pizza.

She sits down, “How was your day?” He smiles, “Claire how much do you need?” She watches him , then says , “Seventy dollars , I want these jeans, buy one get one free,” He nods, then hands her a wad of twenties, she smiles , and kisses him , then darts off.

Claire Anastasio rarely had anything good, but since her older cousin begin to work, he would buy her things from time to time. Sometimes she would get money for birthdays for the kids from him.

Sebastián flips on the TV, “Well you can see why Sylph hunters are needed, this Sylph is stealing from those men, he has ..” a woman is saying , a heavy set man , chimes in , “This Sylph has every right to take their belongings. The spoils goto to the victor,” The woman says , “That is terrible thing to say, what if he had looted citizen.” The heavy set man begins again, but Sebastián flips the channel to the cartoon channel.

A day later, in the morning just before lunch,

“This is remarkable, a warmachine is walking down the middle of the downtown LA , after robbing a bank. The police are having zero effect on stopping this machine.” The helicopter pilot says , as he hovers.

The pilot , Valun Solden , zooms the camera , as the Moyolehuani , a three legged warmachine , with massive armored plates, forearms cover in a black shield, it has two scatter guns , two sub machines and one mini-gun , which is mounted in its nose, is walking backwards, spraying police cars and any passing vehicle .

“Dear God the machine has turn on passing cars, a van was just hit by a burst from that shotgun type weapon. The police are trying to clear a path for the warmachine, but there are a lot of cars on the highway this morning.”Valun narrates, he turns his helicopter trying to get a good view.

“Excuse me,” She turns as her van is lifted into the air , dropped on a side service road, the figure points, “Get the hell out of here,” The figure then takes off , moving from car to car , picking them up telekinetically and sitting them down on the service road.

When the road is clear , he hovers in the middle of the road , the backwards walking Moyolehuani spins on him. He lifts a hand , “Halt,” The Moyolehuani’s collection of guns bark as one , the figure throws up a shell of green energy , but the force of the bullets throws him backwards , hitting the pavement hard.

“Well it looks like Emily’s Sylph has appeared, he doesn’t seem to having much luck with this warmachine, but at least its not firing on the peace officers.” Valun narrates, he watches the figure , lifts a hand , the Moyolehuani’s feet dig into the cement , preventing the figure from lifting it and throwing it aside.

“Come on you’re making me look bad,” The figure tries again to rip the Moyolehuani from the ground , but can’t. He jumps back from the mini-gun fire , even with his shell , those bullets hurt like hell. The figure then lands , closes his eyes , the collection of guns , barks as one , pushing the figure back , he begins ripping cement guards and slamming them into the Moyolehuani.

The Moyolehuani , moves back , but still gets hit with one, it slumps over, but begins to get up again. The figure whispers, “What do I need to do , drop a house on you?” The Moyolehuani mini-gun sprays the figure , he puts up his hands , deflecting the bullets into the ground.

The figure then drags a ruin and smoking police car from behind the Moyolehuani and slams it into the Moyolehuani.

“He just threw a police car into the warmachine , its down, I think its down,” Valun narrates, the figure covers the warmachine with a shell, as its ammo begins to cook.

There is a sound , the figure turns around , as another Moyolehuani, decloaks, the figure whispers, “Crap,” The second Moyolehuani sprays the figure with the mini-gun, knocking the figure to the ground. In the next second the Moyolehuani jumps , and begins to come down on the figure.

The figure lifts both hands , and pushes the Moyolehuani into the air , then the figure telekinetically grabs the Moyolehuani and slams it into the a vacant lot. The figure , drops to one knee, he turns as another sound comes behind him.

“Here comes the governor’s stormtroopers, dear god , they aren’t even giving him a chance,”Valun whispers. The armored suits, three total, begin to fire on the figure, who brings up a shell of green energy.

The figure screams, “Get away from me ,” The armored suits are thrown through the air , they uses their rockets to right them. Then comes chasing the figure , they begin to fire blasts into the figure, barely rolls out of the way. He comes up , yanks one of the armored suits drops into the ground, a mangled mess.

Suddenly a SWAT truck pulls up , and SWAT officers step out , they draw laser blasts , and point them at the armored suits, “That is enough, next one of you that comes after this Sylph , will be getting screwed in the ass by Satan,” The figure turns as more police officers arrive , one of them turns to the figure , “Better get out of here,”

Later that day,

“The actions of the LA police department , disappoints me, I will be sending a special replacement chief , who will take over if the current chief can’t control his men,” Governor Jake Osborn, says, the screen changes to the Emily Orazio, she begins , “Those are the latest words from Governor Osborn , as his stormtroopers where prevented from murdering a good samaritan,”

Nightfalls on the city of angels,

“I am going out mom,” Sebastián calls as he pulls the door open, his cousins and siblings glued to the TV. His mother doesn’t answer , and Sebastián, exits the apartment.

The crow follows him , as he exits , he turns down the hallway , crosses to the stairwell, and whispers, “Ready partner,” The crow slowly changes into a black jelly creature , the twenty year old and jelly creature merge into one being, the solid black color changes to his costume. He then hovers into the air , rising to the roof access.

A small run down neighborhood , just south of Sebastián’s home,

James Regalizal, is a skilled metal worker , at twenty nine , he has three children , but his drugs are more important. He has a spent the last couple of nights robbing varies shops, he can disable the lock and alarm systems with ease, even stoned.

He stumbles into the shop , the shotgun weighing heavily in coat, as he begins to search the shop , a small Wal-greens like store , with electronics, a few drugs , and a lot of different nick-naks.

He stumbles through the store , half aware , he goes directly for the drugs, begins to pull them off shelf. He stops long enough to down a few of the pills , then he goes back to hoarding them.

The shop keeper , an older man , that has been robbed more times this year than any other , steps from the stairwell that leads up into his apartment. He draws out a old pistol, begins to stalk the thief.

James turns as an old man , comes up behind him, holding a pistol. The old man squeezes the trigger , and the gun doesn’t fire. James comes up with his shotgun , then fires with its short single barrel , the buckshot flies through the air.

The old man , turns to run , but as he does the buckshot stops in mid air. It hangs there , before dropping to the floor.

James comes face to face with the vigilante from TV, the figure whispers, “These aren’t normal shopping hours, and I am sure you don’t have a prescription for those pills,” James slowly grasps what the figure is saying , but only replies , “You’re famous, I seen you on TV.” The figure draws the shotgun from James, who just watches the figure.

The figure lifts hand , green energy streams from his hands , tangling James in bonds of Psionic energy. The figure , turns away.

The night is peaceful , for the most part, Sebastián only acts when there is no peace officers around. He sits on the edge of a building , eating soup, when a sound causes him to turn around. He walks , his mouth is instantly covered again.

In a parking lot , below is a van , and two ‘muscle cars’ , all three vehicles are leaking fuel. The teenagers , who are the drivers of the ‘muscle cars’ , once beautiful sixty-five mustangs, flee the seen.

Sebastián drops to the ground , trapped in the van is a woman , two daughters and a baby, pinned by the van , is a teenager , and beyond him are teenage girls who are pinned in a sleek black modern mustang.

Jessica Willis , pushes , and pulls at the dash board , but she is trapped. She turns to her daughters , little Erica , and her older sister Ariel, she whispers, “Are you alright baby?” Ariel doesn’t move , her breathing is labored , her sister Erica , whispers, “It hurts bad momma,” Erica’s legs are folded under her , twisted in a mess.

Jessica can’t see her baby , she calls and coos to the little baby boy, “Mommy’s here , Stephen,” Then she watches as the figure who was on the news , appears at her door.

Sebastián cringes , the engine is almost in the front seat, the dashboard is pushed up against the oldest daughter and woman. He reaches telekinetically trying to understand their wounds, he hears the mother whispers, “Please save my kids,” Sebastián replies, “I will, this is gonna hurt a bit,”

Very carefully , Sebastián draws the engine back , then snaps the cables and settings , tosses the engine into the grass. He moves his hands under the dash board , lifts it up a bit , then he uses telekinetic force to pry the doors off the van, then slides the mother and oldest daughter out of the van.

He sits them down on the grass, he then reaches for the youngest daughter, begins to snap the seat belt , slowly dislodging her from the seat. She lets out a scream, as her broken legs are moved, Sebastián slides into the van and takes her into his arms.

Jessica slowly begins to move , she checks her oldest daughter , she was in the middle backseat and was thrown forward during the impact. She can tell her daughter is having trouble breathing, she whispers to her , “Wake up baby , tell mommy where it hurts,” She watches the figure , appear he sits her youngest daughter down, green energy has set the bone so the girl isn’t in so much pain.

Sebastián reenters the van, the baby boy , is barely awake, he places a hand under the belts and straps that kept the baby safe. Then very slowly Sebastián uses the knife to cut the straps free, he pulls the baby into his arms , Sebastián whispers , “I have a brother your age, I bet you have a favorite toy somewhere,” Sebastián draws a big green lizard from the floor , and gives it to the baby.

Jessica , watches as the figure hands her , her baby boy, she whispers, “My daughter, she having trouble breathing,” The figure nods, “Broken ribs and her breast bone I think,” He points to the other trapped teenagers who begins to wake up, “I will be right back,”

Brandon Grein slowly comes awake , as the fuel from the ‘muscle cars’ begins to burn. He struggles , pushing at the van’s front. He closes his eyes, begins to struggle , then when realizes the vodka bottles he stole , have broken in his pants , and the liquor was leaking towards the fuel.

“Relax,” The figure tells Brandon , then he begins to move the van. Brandon screams , as his broken knee suddenly has weight on it. The figure gently floats Brandon to the grassy area with the mother of the van and little kids.

Debby Heartson, slowly wakes, her friend’s head is smashed into the stick shift, her body is half out of the seat. Debby tries to scream, but nothing comes out, she begins to panic , scrambling , until a hand holds her still.

Sebastián fights down vomiting , the driver , a beautiful girl of no more than eighteen , has smash her skull into the stick shift, she isn’t breathing , or moving. The another girl, the passenger, a girl of no more than fourteen , has been impaled by half a bottle, and big shards of glass. He uses the green energy to bind the wounds a bit , prevent her from bleeding out.

The symbiote refuses to repair the teenage girl’s torn vocal cords, nor help her in anyway. The driver doesn’t have a pulse, so Sebastián doesn’t touch her.

Slowly Sebastián searches the wound , feeling , he closes his eyes, draws the roof back, tearing it from the car. He then lifts the girl from the car, as he does , police and fire trucks begin to arrive.

The fire begins rapidly , the figure turns to leave , as the paramedics have begun working on the victims. When he turns back, the police officer follows his gaze.

“Christ,” The officer whispers, in the muscle car ;that is nearly engulfed in flames, a tiny four year old girl , she is struggling and fighting against the seat. Sebastián runs to the car , but the flames are intense even with the fire trucks spraying the car.

“Nitrous oxide tanks,” A fire fighter says, Sebastián walks into the fire , he is instantly overwhelm by the heat. He can feel the symbiote creature , pull away from the heat, Sebastián does his best to shield himself and the symbiote creature with green energy , but the smoke, gases and heat , are overwhelming.

The little girl watches him, she pushes her arms to him, Sebastián pulls the little girl free. Then he listens to the tanks of the Nitrous oxide explode. He draws her in close , forces a green shell around himself , and tears the roof from the car, as it explodes.

In mid flight, Sebastián struggles to get control , his levitation too weak to provide any kind resistance to the explosion propellant. The girl holds on to him , he slows then begins to regain control , then stops in mid air.

He checks her for injuries then begins to drop slowly to the ground , a police car, lights flashing , appears. The officers jump out , the figure hands them the little girl , she whispers, “That was fun!”

Sebastián fires a energy chord into a building draws himself upward.

The next day , for Sebastián is a day off from work , he wakes just before noon, after getting in at two am. He rolls over , slides out of bed , his cousins and siblings are running around the house, he dodges them then flops down on the couch.

“I AM THE DUSK HUNTER!” Cries one of his cousins, then his other cousin objects, “No No I am the Dusk Hunter!” Sebastián watches them , “What is that is new Dragon Ball Z thing?” The older of the two cousins replies, “Hell no Dragon Ball Z is for sissies , I am the vigilante Dusk Hunter, he is super strong, and cool,” Sebastián shrugs, then turns to the TV.

“Well we had three accidents related to the drag races last night, we were spread real thin,” The police officer is saying, then continues , “Then this Dusk Hunter fellow handles one of the accidents, gets the people out , by the time we could get there , we would have had a lot of fatalities.” Then the police officer , whispers, “Governor Osborn’s anti-Sylph program has us in a bad way, especially with all the reserves called up.”

Emily asks , “What happen with the four year old girl?” The police officer watches, “Everyone on the scene thought she was dead.. I mean that was really bad fire. This Dusk Hunter fellow just walks into the fire , without a word.” Emily nods, “And why did you chase him,” The police officer shrugs, “We thought we would be recovering two bodies , but the Dusk Hunter just stops in mid air and lands , then takes off,”

“Incase you just tuned in , our local heroic Sylph was named by the small four year girl, she said his costume looked like sunset, and the police attached hunter to Dusk , the time of sunset,” The police officer stands up, “I have to get back to work,” Emily nods, “thank you for your time,”

“Sebastián?” Sebastián’s mother enters the room, she looks tired, she continues, “Can you take the kids to the mall?” Sebastián nods, “Sure mom,” He gets up , “Ok troops , who wants to see Lord of the Rings?” Sebastián is flooded by his siblings and cousins as they dance around him, he sighs, then turns to his mom as she hands him her van’s keys.

In the van, Claire takes the responsibility of making sure the kids are seat belted in, and taken care of, then she slides into the front seat. The kids argue back and forth over what kind of candy they are going to get.

“Why do you always have that crow with you?” Claire ask suddenly, Sebastián replies, “She is my pet,” Then he changes the subject, “How are they set for school clothes , and toys,” Claire watches her cousin , before saying ,”All set I think,” Sebastián pulls the van out of the parking space behind his building.

The mall is crowded , Sebastián has to circle twice to find a good parking space. Once he finds a one , he turns off the engine, and sets about getting the kids out of the car. He carries his baby brother and heads into the mall.

“No running,” Claire tells the kids , Sebastián adds, “Stay together”

The movie theater eats up a ton of their money , for nine people , when they get to the candy counter. Sebastián checks his wallet , he winces at the prices , then asks for “Four large popcorn , five kid drinks , three gummy bears, and three mike n ikes,” The woman makes his order , then she looks around , changes the drinks into large ones and gives them big thing of nacho , she says “I don’t envy you, I have four myself,” Sebastián smiles, “Thank you,”

The movie keeps the kid content , only rarely do they need Sebastián to take them to the bathroom or get a refill for the drinks. Even though they had seen the movie ten or so times, it turns out to be just as good as first time through.

Claire watches Sebastián, “Now what?” Sebastián replies, “I got some money left, so lets take them around to their favorite haunts and then get them some candy by the pound.”

Several hours pass by , as the kids are getting tired , Sebastián leads them into Kegger , a candy by the pound shop with a gift baskets and flowers. Claire takes the youngest kids and Sebastián takes the oldest kids , they allow each kid to get a half pound.

Sebastián’s crow , watches as a heavyset man gives a small girl, with black hair and deep green eyes, a bear , and big bag of candy. The girl then lets the heavyset man guide her from the store , she looks back to a woman and two men looking at the chocolate kisses.

The crow takes off , following the girl, Sebastián doesn’t notice he has his hands full with the kids. They are trying to mix the candy types up.

Sebastián’s crow follows the man and girl out into the parking lot. The girl begins to struggle but the man , pulls her and dumps her into his car. He rears back , hits her once , then closes the door.

Sebastián begins to check out, when a older woman interrupts the cashier, “Excuse me did you see my niece? She has black hair and green eyes, she is this tall, ” The woman shows her about four feet tall. She turns to Sebastián, “Have you seen her?” Sebastián replies, “No, sorry,” She kneels to the kids , “How about you?”

Sebastián’s crow slowly changes into a black jelly creature, crawls into the car, as it pulls onto the freeway. The man turns on some chanting monk music , and settles into his seat, he looks back once at the mall.

In a matter of minutes , rent-a-cops are all over the mall, looking for the little girl. Sebastián feels his symbiote creature tug on him to follow, but he is the only one able to drive. He thinks for a second to tell the police officers , but can’t explain how he knows or where they are heading, he turns away.

Claire watches Sebastián, she knows her older cousin better than most, and he looks scared. She begins to ask , when she notices his crow is missing, she begins to ask again then bites her lower lip.

It doesn’t take them to long to get home , but Sebastián tells Claire , “I forgot something at the mall,” He turns , walks up to the curb , and hails a cab.

The cab can’t take him very far , because he is nearly broke , nor can he take his mother’s van , because she might need it while he is gone. He steps out from the cab , steps into the alley way , and hovers to the rooftops.

Though his powers are weaken without the symbiote creature, Sebastián skims over the rooftops and through alley ways. His mind focusing on the eyes of his symbiote creature, who is sitting with the girl, keeping her from being scared.

Darkness begins to fall, the man who had taken the little girl , pulls over into a deserted rest stop. He climbs out , opens the backdoor, binds the girl as best as he can with a cord of rope , and then covers her, as he rushes towards the bathroom.

The symbiote creature paces , not knowing what to do.

Sebastián sits on a speeding eighteen wheeler , he draws closer , he reaches out to his symbiote creature, comforting her and the child. The miles slip away, the man in the restroom , takes his time, as if he is waiting for something.

At the rest stop, another car pulls up, a blonde woman gets out , and sits on the hood. She watches as the bathroom door opens, and the heavyset man emerges, she waves, “Hi Daddy,” The man waves back , she walks up to him and kisses him on the cheek.

The heavyset man , says to the blonde woman , “I don’t think anyone saw me, anything on the news?” The blonde woman shrugs, “Just the normal stuff,” The heavyset man opens the backdoor, hauls the little girl into his arms, then says , “Wipe the car up , ok?” The woman nods, “Ok , Daddy,”

Sebastián drops from the eighteen wheeler , then moves towards the rest stop , that is off the main highway , closer to a small service road. He moves quickly , then slows as his crow appears, and they merge.

“Hmmm this is odd,” The heavyset man attempts to put the car into drive, but the wheels just spin. He turns off the engine , he curses himself , as he gets out , he sees the vigilante from TV, Dusk Hunter. The man begins to back away , his girlfriend , with the daddy/daughter fetish , hops out as she sees him running pass the car.

She breathes , “Christ, where did you come from?” Dusk Hunter lets out a stream of energy , snaring her in a bond of psionic energy. He follows the man , as he breaks into the forest.

The heavyset man is drawn backwards , he screams , drops to the ground digs his fingers into the earth , as he is dragged. His fingers turn up dirt , then he pulled into the air , thrown against a tree, then thrown into the ground.

“I give up!” The heavyset man chokes out, his entire body one giant ache. He watches the Dusk Hunter hovers before him, the heavyset man says, “Enough take me in,” Sebastián whispers, “You are mistaken , I am not a peace officer.. And your kind doesn’t sit well with me,” The heavyset man feels his body going numb, he can’t move his legs , or arms.

Sebastián whispers, “You are lucky I don’t throw you in front of a bus or a truck,” The heavyset man tosses his head, chokes out, “What did you do to me!?” Sebastián turns away, “Damaged your spinal nerves , inducing paralysis,”

The blonde woman , struggles , as she watches the Dusk Hunter , coming out of the woods, she aks, “Where is boyfriend?” Dusk Hunter watches her, “In the forest, tell me why did he do this?” She watches him , then says , “Because he is into the father/daughter thing..” Sebastián lifts a hand , she feels her body go numb, she tries to speak but she can’t even feel her tongue.

Sebastián kneels over , picks up a stick and shoves it into her mouth , then places a energy bond over it. She watches him, then he whispers, “Better hope the police come in three hours , other wise you will begin to drown in your own juices or swallow your tongue.”

Sebastián pulls the door open, then begins to undo the ropes holding the little girl. She sits up , watching him , he reaches to her , “Ready to go home,” She nods , slides over to him.

It took a total of four hours , round trip to find the girl, and return her. The officers on the lawn , watch as the Dusk Hunter arrives holding the girl in his arms. They follow him, as he approaches the door and knocks.

The lead detective , answers the door , his jaw drops open, the mother , the older woman from the mall, and four men rush to the door. The little girl wakes up in her mother’s arm, begins to cry and accept hugs from the various.

Sebastián hands the lead detective , a large man with dark beard and bead like eyes, a notepad, with the location of the kidnappers. He starts to turn away , when the mother says, “Wait!” Sebastián turns to her, she grabs him a big bear hug.

Emily Orazio, with her camera crew sitting across the street , watches the scene, she gets up and crosses to the lawn. Officers appear , and tell her , “Give them a minute,”

Sebastián is instantly reminded of his mother, as he hugs the woman back, she whispers, “God bless you,” The lead detective is using his cell phone to dispatch officers to the location.

The lead detective watches then , as the mother goes back to her baby , he walks up to Sebastián, he watches, “There is the matter of a reward , its twenty-thousand,” Sebastián begins to say, “Its not necessary..” When the oldest of the men, comes up to him , “It’s the least we could do, my granddaughter is worth more than that,” The lead detective hands him a card, “Come to this office , Thursday and pick up the cash reward,”

Emily comes across the grass, with her camera man following, the other reporters are kept back. She calls to Sebastián, “Dusk Hunter, a few words please!” Sebastián sighs , then waves her over, “Your career has really taken off,” She blushes , nods, “Yeah it has,” She then straightens up her clothing , and turns to the camera , the camera man whispers, “Live in 1 , 2,” Then on the silent 3 , Emily, begins , “Emily Orazio, outside the home of Kates , where their missing four year old girl , was returned by Dusk Hunter. He has agreed to take a few questions,”

She turns to him , “Can you something about yourself, and your powers?” Sebastián nods, “Nothing much to say about myself, my powers are telekinetic based though,” She asks , “How did you get your powers, the officers and others have heard you talking to yourself, or are the junior partner of another hero?” Sebastián replies, “I have a partner, but neither of us are junior , we are equal, she completes me in a way.” She nods , “Governor Osborn’s stormtroopers have not been able to catch you , nor do you seem to be afraid of them,” Sebastián replies, “I never thought about them, nor Governor Osborn’s policies. I happen to around when peace officers were in trouble , so I helped.”

He then turns , “Later,” Emily watches as Dusk Hunter lifts into the air. She turns to the camera, “Back to you Ken,”

When Sebastián gets home , its nearly one am, the night patrol was uneventful. He is startled by Claire curled up on the sofa , he reaches over and pulls the covers over her. She opens her eyes a bit, and watches him, before saying, “Just wanted to say thank you for taking us to mall.” Sebastián ruffles her hair , “Your welcome,”

The morning news shows , Sebastián’s mother hates watching them, but the kidnaping at the mall , scared her , keeping an eye on her own kids is hard enough , but add in her sister’s and brother-in-law’s kids and her friend’s kids, she shudders.

The mother of the blonde woman, who was said to be the mastermind of the whole thing, is speaking to local anchor, “He had no right to make my daughter paralyzed, she can’t even move her tongue without choking on it. He should be arrested and placed in jailed.”

A man , with a big beard, growls, “My brother didn’t deserve that either. They are both innocent until proven guilty, the governor needs to step in here and do something with this monster,” The mother of the blonde woman , chimes in , “They should have been brought before a court of law , not tried and convicted by an animal,”

The local anchor, “Well we don’t know what happen , but on the same hand , I don’t want a Sylph judging me because..”

A burly former FBI agent , now a PI detective, “Wait a goddamn minute her’ , we have camera showing the girl being lead from the mall, we have both of their confession, we have the little girl’s statements , and we have both cars full of evidence. Its not like this is the first time , they tried this, they are damn lucky one of the New York Sylphs had not caught up with them.”

At the grocery store ,

Sebastián watches the same program , as he scans people’s items. He watches the faces , and listens to their whispers. Then Faded Glory, dressed in simple blue jeans, blue jean jacket, adored with varies heavy metal band, USA, Canada and early 70 catch phrase patches, is brought into the discussion.

“Faded Glory what do you have to say about this?” the local anchor asks. Faded Glory replies, “As a government employee , I say that the Dusk Hunter had every right to protect himself or another soul. Though it might have a tad bit over the top, he was well within his rights, if he thought his life or the girl’s life was in danger. The man clearly had the intent to harm the child,” Then Faded Glory adds, “On a personal level though , I would have done nearly the same thing. Children are defenseless against two adults.”

The mother of the blonde woman , growls , “How could he have been threaten , he is a Sylph!” Faded Glory replies, “He is also human , and could have had seen something or known something we didn’t know.”

Night patrols are normally pretty quiet, crime for some reason drops closer to Christmas. But tonight, the devil dances under the full moon.

“Shhhhhh here she comes,” Paul Whiten, tells his three friends, as the woman comes jogging through the park. As soon as she passes the corner , they jump on her , she struggles , but Paul punches her , knocking her into the ground.

Another of his friends , is going through her waist belt , he breathes , “WOW , a Sony 10 gig MP3 player!” She begins to struggle again , Paul rears back , this time he is going to smash her nose, his hand stops.

“Crap!” He watches his friends back up , they suddenly thrown into the ground, Paul , screams as he arm is ripped and pulled out socket. He goes down on the ground screaming, his friends slowly get up , green energy streams from the Dusk Hunter’s hands , ensnaring them , one by one in green energy bonds.

Paul watches through a veil of tears, as the figure loots his friends , even going so far as taking his friend’s diamond and gold cross. Then the figure turns to the woman , whom straightens up her clothing , sits up.

“I think there is a payphone a bit up the way , if you will call the police,” Dusk Hunter whispers. The woman, rubs her eye , she watches as the Dusk Hunter hands her back her stuff, she takes it, then turns to Paul who is kicking and screaming.

Later that night , a man is getting out of his car, half dead from a new born baby, he turns to look at his barely two month old baby. When he is clubbed from behind by two large women, they beat him into the ground.

In the darkness , as the women load up into the car , they don’t see the baby. They loot the man, take his grocery items, as well wedding ring.

Half hour later , Sebastián finds the man , calls nine – one – one from a corner payphone. The paramedics arrive , waking up the building. It isn’t long before the man’s wife comes down , screaming “WHAT HAPPEN TO MY HUSBAND??”

Officers begin to gather , one of them waves Sebastián over, as they are saying “We have a carjacking and robbery , with a baby inside. I want everyone to take a photo , and the plate numbers , do a grid by grid search.” An officer hands Sebastián a photo and plate numbers , on printer paper.

“Do you have a radio?” Someone asks him, he turns to see the lead detective, from the Kates case, Sebastián says , “No I don’t,” The officer hands him a radio , and headset.

Sebastián moves on the rooftops, helicopters move through the streets searching. Police officers sometimes call in about inspecting a similar car.

The baby began to cry , the large women turn as one to the baby, then begin to giggle. The driver, takes a hit from her crackpipe , “When did you have a baby?” They both begin to laugh, the passenger lends over the backseat and plays with the baby.

“Cop car behind us,” the driver whispers, the passenger , watches her , “Do you think they are looking for us,” The driver, shrugs , “I dunno,” They both break into laughter, the driver begins to speed , saying “I think we can lose them,”

“This is unit seventeen we found the car , but I think we spooked the driver, she is increasing speed, we are west of the park,” The voice says over the headphones , as Sebastián listens, another voices tells the officer, “Back off and let the helicopter take over.”

Sebastián moves to the general area , quickly finding the helicopter and the car. He watches the speed, then says over the radio , “Speed has increased?” The lead detective replies, “Yeah nearly eighty now,”

Reaching out telekinetically Sebastián, takes hold of the key in the ignition, begins to slide it free , until it pops out. He then draws the keys from the car , drops them on the ground. The car begins to slow , then begins to roll to a slow stop.

Sebastián moves closer watching for weapons , when he sees none , he covers the baby in a shell of green energy, the passenger jumps out of the car, stumbles away from the car. The driver begins to laugh , saying “What is it? You seeing spiders again?” The passenger points to the baby, glowing green, the driver , groans, “Crap,”

Sebastián hovers before the car, as the officers begin to arrive , he watches as the driver begins to beg , “Don’t tear out my spine , I wasn’t going to hurt the baby,” The officers grabs and drags the woman from the car, then drags the passenger away.

A female officer takes the baby away , the lead detective, “Keep the equipment, and thank you,”

It was the night before Christmas, Franklin Toys & Candy , in downtown LA had decided to give away , one toy and a bag of extra candy for a tiny sum of seven dollars.

Sebastián loads the kids into the van, pull out of the parking space. They begin towards downtown.

“Emily Orazio here at Franklin Toys & Candy , where I to am waiting in line to get in on this amazing deal. The price limit is set at 13.99, or a combination til 14.00, ” She holds up a basket , that is looks like a reindeer, “The assortment of candy ranges from the bags of name brand candy , to the loose candy,”

With the Guild collapsing in France , and in other parts of the world, the high lifestyle has to be maintained in some way. So Attune , and his small band of mercenaries have decided to rob one of the local mob bosses’ safety deposit boxes filled with uncut diamonds and gems, in LA, they arrive at the bank.

Attune a tall, slender man with dark eyes and blue-grey hair , wearing a mask that covers his eyes down to his throat, his uniform is that of a military officer. His fellow Sylphs are , Sorcerer, a tall gaunt teenager , that is bald, and has deep black eyes, his costume is that of the wizard like in Lord of the Rings. Behind Sorcerer is Gamma, a monestrous half bull , half boar , humanoid creature , welding a massive battle axe.

The response from Governor Osborn’s enforcers , is predictable, they come with five members, three from the front , in armored suits , and two from the roof, Sylphs , named Sun Storm and his baby sister Azote.

Without a sound , a massive Xiuhcoatl, with its three energy blasters , twin autocannons , and two mini-guns , instead of the standard machine guns, decloaks. Xiuhcoatl is the size of tank with four massive legs.

Sun Storm watches as the Xiuhcoatl fires three energy blast , he dodges the attack easily , then goes cold , as he hears his sister scream. He turns , as she hovers in the three holes in her chest and arms, she whispers, “your drag, was..” Then his sister’s rocket pack explodes in a massive explosion of fire.

The armored suits , break on seeing the Xiuhcoatl, trying to get away, the mini-guns fire chasing the armored suits. The suits bulky , gray suits , with slits in the face for breathing and talking, are struck down as they can’t out run the targeting system on the Xiuhcoatl.

Governor Osborn’s enforcers, then begin to arrive in full force, as they do , they realize they happen on a trap. As their ground units arrive , huge black eighteen wheelers pull out , unloading three Moyolehuani.

Attune orders his troops , to loot the three block area. The Governor Osborn’s enforcers, mostly armored suits , begin to attack the warmachines, but the heavy armor of the Moyolehuani, forces the armored suits to retreat.

The armored suits , six in all, flee backwards , firing laser blast into the massive warmachines, as they give chase , then one begins to fire its mini-gun and machine guns. The six armored suits bring up shells , deflecting the bullets.

Down the street , in the crowded and noise filled Franklin Toys & Candy, a spray of deflected bullets slice through the store’s front window. Glass and bullets strike the crowd , there is are screams , and cries.

Sebastián holds a protection shell over a small group of children , but they are largely strangers, and he couldn’t protect them fully. He drops the shell, a moves through the cloud of dust, calling to his family , “Claire , Greg , Lewis , Becky, Terra , Luke,” He stops , suddenly goes cold.

Lying in a pool of blood , is Claire , beside her is Emily , both of them are so badly wounded that Sebastián barely knows who they are. He kneels down , instantly the symbiote merges with him, forming his costume, Emily watches the transformation, as do others.

Sebastián begins to lift Claire’s face , when the sound of a Moyolehuani comes from outside. Sebastián is instantly up, moving to the front of the store.

The Moyolehuani and an Evacska Eztli scouter appear, hovering and watching the store. Then the Moyolehuani lowers it mini-gun , when suddenly the street is torn up and a huge slab , is placed against one side of the store.

The Moyolehuani and an Evacska Eztli scouter, turn as a Sebastián appears behind it, they watch him , then the Moyolehuani begins to fire , Sebastián deflects the bullets into the Evacska Eztli scouter, surprising the scouter , and taking it out of the air.

Then Sebastián uses both hands to yank a car and slam it into the Moyolehuani. Sebastián follows up the first car , with a second car, the Moyolehuani collapses in a smoking mess.

Minutes later,

Sebastián kneels over Claire, he places his hands over her body , begins to heal, slowly repairing the damage as best as he can. He feels her breathing to begin to become even and deep. Then Sebastián places a hand on Emily’s body, she watches him, as he tries to heal her , but her body resists , and Sebastián closes his eyes.

Governor Osborn’s enforcers, for the city of Los Angeles , are nearly wiped out, the police officers and EMT , trying to get to the wounded and injured, are fired on by the Moyolehuani, who have now taken positions on the rooftops.

The helicopters that the police use to watch the battle are knocked from the sky , by the Xiuhcoatl as it uses it mini-gun without regard to human life.

Sebastián pulls on the headset , “Dusk Hunter here, there are a lot of injured in the Franklin Toys & Candy, the news reporter Emily is critical I need to get her out of here.” The voice that comes back , is the Governor’s replacement chief , “You stay out of this, Sylph, the Governor is sending in more of his enforcers,”

Sebastián turns back to mostly kids gathered around him, the adults having given up their bodies to protect them. The adults were to far beyond his ability to heal, he watched the faces, nearly all of them crying, then whispers, “Shhhh, I will get us out of this mess,”

Sebastián calls over the radio, “I need some suppression fire and support fire,” The replacement chief , growls , “I told you..” Then a voice speaks over him, “Goto channel 41 , the real chief is here now , this government lackey , doesn’t want us to help.” Sebastián switches the channel, then the says , “I am leaving this area , I need suppression fire and support fire , though,”

“Ok everyone grab a toy and your candy , get to the roof,” Sebastián telekinetically picks up the adults , and begins usher the kids upstairs. Emily’s eyes remain fixed on him, he watches draws her in close, “It will be ok,”

When they get to the roof, Sebastián, asks the kids, “Ok space ship or horse?” The loudest word is space ships, so Sebastián closes his eyes creates a massive force shell of green energy in the shape of a space ship.

With a ton of effort, he tears the roof , from the building , it hovers, then lurches backwards, Sebastián calls over his shoulder, “Ok here we go,” The space ship of green energy slowly begins to fly down the main street.

“Attune you better come see this,” Sorcerer points at the green energy ships flying down the main street. Attune watches , as the ship pauses to let people from buildings to jump into it, he growls, “We might need hostages, knock it out of the air,”

The two remaining Moyolehuani , begin to set their sights on the green energy ship , when a band of SWAT members who gained access to a roof, fire rockets into the warmachines , coating them in a goo of sticky blue junk. The Moyolehuani struggle , pulling from the goo, as the ship moves by , one of the SWAT members a female peace officer, whispers, “I’ll be damned , non-lethal rounds are useful.”

The Moyolehuani kick in a defense system that begins to melt the goo, they instantly turn on SWAT members , who are moving down the fire escape, as mini-gun fire lances after them. The Moyolehuani jump from roof to roof , chasing the ship.

Wanting for the ship , is a group of heavily armored police officers , and firefighters , as soon as the Moyolehuani come into sight. The group begins to fire , blaster fire strikes the Moyolehuani, they pause , to return fire , when massive streams of water are used to push them off the roof.

In the chaos , Attune, Sorcerer, Gamma slip close , pissed that a novice Sylph had managed to escaped their drag net, they decide to kill him.

As the ETM , firefighters , police officers and others gather to take the children away , Gamma rushes the winded Sebastián, the kids scream as one , but Sebastián is too tire to react with any kind of defense. The battle axe cuts Sebastián through the back and shoulder, he hears the symbiote scream.

Sebastián turns, shoves the creature backwards , and into a wall. Instantly a blast of ice and wind rushes Sebastián, he blocks the attack with a shell of energy , but as he is about to counter attack , Attune , lifts a hand Sebastián is thrown forward , and slammed into a building.

Sebastián shakes his head , his eyes blur , and body hurts, suddenly there is a sound, as Sebastián’s eyes focus a fire engine is rocketing towards him , then slams into him.

“Sebastián!!” Claire pushes through the firefighters, but three police officers grab her, she struggles as the fire engine crushes her cousin. She watches as the building begins to crumble and fall on him, she screams and cries.

Attune drained from mimicking the telekinetic abilities of the novice Sylph, drops to his knees, as Sorcerer, and Gamma come over to him. He breathes , “Let’s…” It begins as a soft whisper, then a roar, “They killed Dusk Hunter!” Bricks , and rocks hit Attune , Gamma covers him, protecting, the SWAT members advance , others begin to advance, Gamma takes Attune into his arms.

Xiuhcoatl begins to come down the street to protect its owner. Attune gives the order to the pilot to strife the crowd. The Xiuhcoatl passes the building that buried Sebastián, as it does , a massive surge of telekinetic force lifts the building , and fire engine into the air, then dumps it on the Xiuhcoatl.

Gamma hands Attune to the Sorcerer, then charges into the dust and dirt, picking up the battle axe. As the dust begins to envelop him, he screams , then he rockets into the air, then into orbit.

The Sorcerer, is pelted by rocks , and bottles , he turns around to blast the crowd , when a huge rock smashes his eye and skull. He drops to knees , as the crowd drops into a frenzy , which is only broken by massive green shell of energy that covers the spot where Sebastián fell.

Governor Osborn’s enforcers, and finish off the broken Moyolehuani, they watch as the local police take Attune and the Sorcerer into protective custody. They then watch as a girl and a group of children break from the fire fighters and run down the middle of the road.

Claire watches as the crow sits over Sebastián’s broken body, the crow drops the energy shell at Claire’s approach, she kneels over her cousin. She whispers, “Wake up , Sebastián,”

The day after Christmas,

“Governor Osborn’s stormtroopers have been disbanded , after the governor resign suddenly last night. It became apparent that his policies , which had drained the LA police of its resources, were flawed. The firefight in downtown LA last night , resulted in a hundred three lives being taken. Most of those were police officers and ETMs who bravely attempted remove the critically injured from path of warring factions.” The CNN report says , she turns to elderly man who is shuffling his papers, “Brian has a special report and video over..”

Emily, arm bandaged and face bandaged , sits in her chair, as she whispers, “I would like to begin tonight with a personal note, I would like to thank Dusk Hunter over dinner for saving so many lives, especially for saving my life,”

Sebastián sits on a rooftop , watching the night , his wounds still sore, he turns to face the city of angels , behind him , a voice says , “You sure you want to do this soon after..” He turns to face his mother , she watches him with a face of deep concern, Sebastián crosses to her , and hugs her tightly , “Would you have it any other way if it was you , mom?” She encircles him, hugs him gently , “I guess it wouldn’t, but..” He pulls away , puts a finger to her lips, then says, “I learn from your example mom..” He kisses her gently , “I know in your heart and mine you would have no other way,”

Emily Orazio walks to her car , she turns back to a sound , then looks forward to see Sebastián, sitting on her car’s roof, she whispers, “You are alive!” Sebastián nods, “Caught your last broadcast..”

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