Tempore, Monsters (Foreword)


In final months of 2002 , a company called Nightshade Corporation, begin a war that forever changed the world map of Earth. France surrender to Nightshade Corporation without much trouble , the backbone of the French resistance was crushed , as Nightshade Corporation constructed a massive shell force to protect its borders from a global strike force.

While in Kuwait, the US forces and Kuwaiti forces were over powered. Instead of risking lives , in a place the United States was unwelcome in, the US withdrew from the Middle East for the most part.

Iran and Iraq , took it on themselves to begin to take territory, as many of the Middle East countries dropped into violent civil unrest. Nightshade had supplied many groups within the region with advance weaponry and armor, then reduced the armies in the region to dust.

Iran military had been the best prepared for the war that followed, as Arabs once again took to horse back and camel. The result was a massive Iran state , that was in total disorder.

Canada had been Nightshade Corporation’s final victim, a ploy to draw US forces into the conflict, in hopes to weaken US, Canada and North American land mass. But Nightshade Corporation wasn’t expecting the response to defend Canada by not only Canadians , but British and American forces. Countries as far as away as Russia and China sent in help.

Sylphs from all walks of life join the Canadian resistance , when the Guild , a mercenary collection of Sylphs, that sided with Nightshade Corporation.

During this time , the world was introduce, to the ‘Sylph’, children and young adults with amazing powers, while the truth behind the ‘Sylph’ would be hidden from the world for another sixteen months. The chemical known as Evacska Eztli, was really a symbiote colony of creatures.

Jennifer Ghiest and the Ghiest Inc., are solely responsible for the release of ‘Sylph’. The man responsible for the global release of Evacska Eztli, Quint Ghiest, will forever been given the credit of producing the first ‘Monster Sylph’, animals altered by Evacska Eztli.

A handful of ‘Sylphs’ waged a secret war against Nightshade Corporation founder, Christian Spartan, preventing an all out invasion of Earth.

Into this world we return , as Canada is facing a crisis of her own, violent criminal groups , such as the American Mob , Russian Mobs , the Japanese cartel, Chinese Spies, North Korean scavengers, Extreme Muslim groups begin to arrive. These groups like buzzards circling a dying animal , sweep in and begin to pick Canada apart

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