Terminal Reality Reveals Walking Dead FPS Footage


Rough footage from the upcoming The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct fails to impress.

Terminal Reality’s, first-person take on Robert Kirkman’s inescapable zombie epic, The Walking Dead, is in an odd position. As a first-person, zombie-themed shooter based on a very popular license, it should be rolling in hype. But Telltale’s much-praised take on the series, with its nuanced characters and genuinely difficult ethical choices, casts a long shadow, and that seems to be reflected in the video’s comments.

Most of the criticism is leveled at the game’s graphics. While players tolerated, and even praised, the comic book affectations of Telltale’s version, it seems they’re less keen on flat, brightly colored textures when they’re seen up close and in the first-person. The rough animation and painfully obvious screen-tearing doesn’t help. The music, which sounds like someone trying to play the 28 Days Later theme from memory (though I’m told the same track did appear in the original TV series) ramps up as our intrepid hero is chased and seemingly overwhelmed by jogging zombies. There’s a sedate, exploratory feel to the first minute of footage that hopefully makes it into the final game.

So what do we know about the game? Not much. Its full title is The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, it’s set before the TV series and it’s due to arrive on 360, PS3 and PC sometime in 2013. Players will take on the role of grumpy hunter and soon-to-be-reformed redneck, Daryl Dixon. Daryl’s charming, white-supremacist brother, Merle, will also be making an appearance. Developer, Terminal Reality, is known mostly for its silly vampire-vs-Nazis shooter, Blood Rayne.

Update: As Ben Kuchera points out, this is not promotional footage. It’s a fan edit thrown together from pre-release materials.


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