Test Azrael With Every Arkham Knight ‘Heir to the Cowl’ Location

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Run through Batman’s rigorous tryouts with these Azrael locations in Arkham Knight.

That religious zealot Azrael returns from his cameo in Arkham City and now he’s ready to take up the cowl to defend Gotham. Being the careful heroic type Batman is, he’s not about to let just anybody take his place.

While trying to decipher Azrael’s motives, Batman tests the crusader with freeform combat scenarios — take one hit, and it’s game over. See where to find all four fights, in order, and see what the Order of St. Dumas is really up to with the ‘Heir to the Cowl’ quest guide.

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‘Heir to the Cowl’ Guide

To complete this side mission, Batman must discover four burning Bat-symbols on rooftops scattered across the city. Use Detective Vision to easily locate each encounter from afar.

All four Azrael instances initiate a Freeform Combat battle where you control Azrael. He has different looks, but fights in an identical style to Batman and comes equipped with any combat skills or gadgets you’ve unlocked.

Azrael must complete each combat scenario without taking a single hit. Receiving damage immediately ends the simulation.

The Azrael Bat-symbols don’t appear until much later in the game. Wait until you hear a police bulletin reporting a burning symbol on a rooftop.

Complete all four battles, and a final sequence becomes available. Learn Azrael’s true motives, and see what his strange organization is up to with the map coordinates below.

Azrael Battles Locations

Travel to these map coordinates after this side mission becomes available by progressing to a later point in the main story.

  • Battle #1: Miagani Island – X:3038, Y:2667
  • Battle #2: Founders’ Island – X:2774, Y:1448
  • Battle #3: Bleake Island – X:1905, Y:2343
  • Battle #4: Lady of Gotham – X:2505, Y:2246

Trophies / Achievements Unlocked

Angel in the Dark (Bronze / 20 points):
Complete the trials and prove you are a worthy successor.

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