Tester Leaks First Modern Warfare 2 Details – UPDATED


A play tester at Infinity Ward has leaked what may or may not be a features list for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The list, which was copied by a NeoGAF poster before it was taken down, reveals a number of details about both the campaign mode and multiplayer. On the single-player front, the game will once again return to the Middle East at some point, feature the US Marines and possibly the Canadian military, considering the inclusion of a Canadian rifle. The campaign will also have its own weapons and “army tags,” which are supposedly similar to the skulls in Halo.

As for multiplayer, vehicles will be added, a good number of weapons will return as well as several new ones, and all the old favorite gametypes will return as well, with hardcore mode variations. Two new gametypes will make their debut, including a CTF-type mode as well as “search and destroy” mode where “you try to kill a specified enemy.” Helicopters, air strikes and UAV return as well. And snipers will not have silencers in multiplayer. Also mentioned is a World at War-esque Zombie mode.

The tester, who posted the list on Infinity Ward’s Twitter-powered Modern Warfare 2 suggestions page, was subsequently banned and we presume given ample punishment for his misdeeds.

The fact that the tester was banned and the list taken down has led some people to presume that the list is indeed the real deal. Infinity Ward, however, could just be punishing him for posting a fake list that’s pretending to be a real one and being a jerk like that. Or – and I wouldn’t put it past them with the amount of subtly-un-subtle teasing they’ve been doing for this game – this could just be some sort of meta-fake-out to keep us all guessing and talking about Modern Warfare 2, which technically hasn’t even been announced yet.

You can see the full list, which contains quite a bit more info that I’ve mentioned above, here.

UPDATE: Infinity Ward has shot down these rumors, saying that the list “didn’t come from anyone who has access to our internal builds and indeed contains several features that are already in CoD4 such as grass camo for snipers. In short, it’s BS.” Well, just because they’re in CoD4 doesn’t mean they can’t be in Modern Warfare 2.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Sorry to get your hopes up Canadians.

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