TF Energon 25TH Issue & TF War Within Vol3!!!



Prepare for…The Age Of Wrath!

JUNE 16 2004 –

The über fan-favourite TRANSFORMERS: War Within series is BACK with Volume 3 of the pre-Earth phase of GENERATION ONE!

This is one of the most eagerly anticipated books to come from Dreamwave, and for good reason – the unthinkable has happened: CYBERTRON has been conquered and the AUTOBOTS are enslaved! And guess who is behind it all? Good ol’ Megatron! The DECEPTICON leader has turned up out of nowhere with a massive clone army that would make even UNICRON rust his bolts! Where did Megs get his army, and who is really pulling the strings? Witness the chilling dawn of the Age of Wrath!

Dreamwave’s rising star Joe Ng gets to once again show his stuff with his own book, and super-scribe Simon Furman takes his incredibly popular storyline one step further in the TF history. This book is so exciting that there will be three crazy covers, each by the “big three” at Dreamwave: Pat Lee and Don Figueroa will each pencil an incentive cover, and Joe Ng will draw the double splash main cover!

Joe Ng is thrilled to get his own book, especially the well-liked War Within series, “It’s incredibly exciting but also a bit nerve-wracking to be given such a great series to work on. To follow artists like Andrew Wildman and Don Figueroa is a real honor and to be able to pencil for someone like Simon Furman, with his great storytelling, makes it the icing on the cake. The War Within series really appeals to me as well because it’s pretty dark and I like to play with mood a lot.”

Pull up a chair, get comfy and sip on a box of Energon – Dreamwave’s Transformers War Within is BACK and Issue one of the six part series will hit the stands in September!


Come celebrate Dreamwave’s FIRST 25th Issue!

Attention Transfans everywhere!

JUNE 16 2004 –

TRANSFORMERS ENERGON picks up where things left off, with a special Issue #25 set to hit the shelves in July!

The latest TF title by Dreamwave brings the ‘bots up to the snowy northern realms of Canada for another epic adventure. This issue is particularly special as it marks Dreamwave’s first 25th issue! – And it’s so full of ‘bots and blasts it will make your ENERGON boil! The ever-maturing AUTOBOT HOT SHOT has taken the always unpredictable SIGNAL FLARE, ARCEE, STRONGARM and SKYBLAST out for some wilderness training. And for the fresh-from-CYBERTRON OMNICON team, this neck of the terrestrial woods is going to take some adjusting to! Issue #25 also marks the AUTOBOT’S first encounter with the DECEPTICON…SNOW CAT!

Joe Ng will pencil the special 25th issue, and as always, is pretty keyed up, “I’m really honored to be working on this first 25th issue; it’s really exciting. TRANSFORMERS is such a great property to be working on – I mean it’s a 20-year-old franchise and I’ve always been a big fan.”

Simon Furman is also excited, “It’s great to be part of #25! What started as a brief flirtation with ARMADA (in Issues #6 & 7 of the original series) has turned into a full blown ongoing relationship. When ARMADA ended with Issue #18 and the title evolved into ENERGON, I pretty much decided to run wild with the storylines, keep upping the action-quotient and scope of each subsequent story arc!”

Pat Lee, President of Dreamwave, can’t stop raving about his protégé Joe Ng’s work with the TRANSFORMERS, “I’m 100% sure Joe’s TF pencils are going to be the next big thing in comics, and it’s really exciting that he’s part of Dreamwave. Honestly, I feel like a fan boy again waiting to see what he’s going to come up with next!”

Still not stoked yet? Pat is so excited to have Joe on board they’re each doing a cover. Look for special issue #25 double splash covers by Joe Ng and Pat Lee!

Transformers Energon Issue # 25 goes to the stands in July…be there!

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