TGS ’10: Codename D: Kinect for Hardcore Gamers?


Could this game from No More Heroes creator Suda 51 turn core gamers onto Microsoft’s motion control?

Less than 24 hours after appearing at the EA press conference, Suda51 of Grasshopper Manufacture was back with yet another announcement.

Appearing onstage at the Microsoft keynote address, Suda announced what many have been hotly anticipating, a Kinect game targeted at hardcore gamers: Codename D.

Suda spoke of his longstanding desire to work with Microsoft and how many of his fans had been pushing him to consider making a game for Kinect. Tight-lipped on details, Suda teased that there would be ” … no guns or swords, or any arms, but it’s still a core action game.” He went on to assure us that Codename D is ” … for hardcore gamers around the world.”

The teaser that followed introduces us to our protagonist, a shadowy individual with a red baseball cap. As he approaches a creepy amusement park, grotesque animal-headed mascots emerge and surround our man. The camera cuts to the baseball in his hand. One squeeze later and his enemies burst into flames!

Not much to go on, but the trailer leans toward the mature audiences alright. Could this be title that sells the hardcore gamer on Kinect?

TGS 2010 reporting is done jointly by Fintan Monaghan and Lisa Gay.

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