The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer is Packed with Villains


The worldwide trailer for the next Spider-Man movie debuted today.

Are your spidey senses tingling? Today Sony Pictures released a worldwide trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This time it looks like we’ll get to see Peter Parker’s parents and a whole lot of villains.

Andrew Garfield reprises his role as Peter Parker, and Emma Stone will also reprise her role as Gwen Stacy. The trailer opens with Peter reflecting on how every time he saves someone, he makes another enemy. Of course, this means there are several villains in the sequel to the reboot. Jaime Foxx plays Max Dillion/Electro, and Paul Giamatti plays Aleksei Sytsevich/The Rhino. Dane DeHaan will act as Harry Osborn, Peter’s old friend. The trailer shows glimpses of the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus’s arms, and Vulture Wings, plus we get to see Norman Osborn.

Peter will discover what OsCorp was using his father’s research for. OsCorp is keeping him under surveillance, and Peter discovers a video with a message from his father. Later on in the trailer, we see Foxx’s Electro attacking Spider-Man, saying, “Soon everyone in this city will know how it feels to live in a world without power, without mercy, without Spider-Man.”

With so much going on in the trailer, hopefully the movie will be able to make sense out of it without carrying too many plots at once in an approximately two-hour span. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will come to theaters on May 2, 2014.

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