The Batmobile Rides Into Arkham City This October


Holy Arkham City release date, Batman!

Did you miss Rocksteady Studios’ utterly superb 2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum? If you did, then shame on you for passing up such a gem. In that case, you have until October to pick up Arkham Asylum and play it – because then, it will likely be overshadowed by its bigger and more ambitious sequel.

Arkham City may be the first of many games to get a confirmed release date this PAX East weekend, and we can now circle October 18th on our calendars to plan ahead. The title will not have multiplayer, but if it’s as atmospheric as the first game was, and if the combat and stealth sections are both as fluid and intuitive as they were the last time around, that’s hardly a point against the game.

That’s the North American release date, by the way. Aussies will have to wait until the 19th to pick it up – but they’re in the future anyway so it doesn’t count – and the game will hit European shelves on the 21st.

Really, there’s not much more news here. Arkham City is coming out on October 18th(/19th/21st), that’s about it. Mark the date and prepare to beat up some thugs in a beautiful ballet of kicking people in the face.

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