The Best Final Fantasy Stop-Motion Animation You’ll See Today


Sephiroth: The World’s Enemy is perfect Final Fantasy fan service.

Can I be honest with you guys?

I’m a little burned out on the whole “Final Fantasy VII is the best thing since Jesus created the Chocobo” thing.

I mean, yeah, I played the game when I was a teenager, and it was a great roleplaying title, but did it really warrant two decades of people gushing uncontrollably over a silver-haired, Eurotrash proto-goth?

That’s the cynical mindset I had when I watched Sephiroth: The World’s Enemy this morning. The video is a stop-motion animation created by amateur film maker John Huang. Previously, Huang created stop-motion flicks based on a Mega — er, that is, Rockman/Transformers mashup and a Gundam-meets-Dragon Ball theme.

Presumably he subsists entirely on a diet of geeks wetting themselves with delight.

Caveat: Huang is not a native English speaker. Even with the language barrier, the films are still surprisingly rad, though I have to assume that those who speak Japanese may be getting more out of this than I am.

That said, why isn’t Huang employed to make films professionally? He’s creating these things solo, at a rate of about one every two months, and the end result looks better than most Hollywood stop-motion efforts.

Source: Kotaku

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