The Binding of Isaac Devs Announce New Title The Legend of Bum-bo


Edward McMillen and James Id – the devs behind The Binding of Isaac – are now teasing their newest game, The Legend of Bum-bo.

In a self-described teaser post on the Binding of Isaac website, the describe the new title as, “a turn based puzzle RPG type thingy that’s randomly generated.” There’s precious little else, apart from the fact that Id is handling the programming and 3D art, with McMillen handling designing, writing and 2D art and design.

The post ends with a cryptic tease addressing those who might wonder why the announcement is posted on the Binding of Isaac blog, and encourages fans to follow the team on Twitter for more info and teases in the coming months.

While there’s not much to go on here, outside of the coin in the logo and the subtitle, which reads “Bum-bo want coin!” One thing’s for sure, though. If the devs can live up to their last game, we’ll likely have another enjoyable game on our hands.

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