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The Cheat Code Is a Web Series with HipHopGamer Premiering This Week

The Cheat Code HipHopGamer who?

MegaDev GmbH has announced a new live weekly series about video game cheat codes and the culture surrounding it, called The Cheat Code, and it will be hosted by Gerard “HipHopGamer” Williams. The series debuts tomorrow, September 8, at 6 p.m. EST on YouTube and Twitch. The first episode will feature a discussion with F1 2022 senior developer Lee Mather and a showcase of cheat codes possible in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC with the PLITCH platform. Megadev GmbH developed the single-player cheat code platform PLITCH, so it makes sense for it to create a show dedicated to cheat codes.

“Real talk, this partnership with PLITCH is a game changer,” said HipHopGamer. “I’m humbled by the opportunity to bring back a core part of gaming culture that has been a lost art for many years. This time around it’s not only about cheat codes in video games, but the overall accessibility for people to enjoy what they love. This is the time to discover the true cheat code within who we are and what makes us great in all of our respective passions and crafts that we work on daily.”

The Cheat Code experience is about bringing back the culture of cheat codes in the gaming community, while recognizing the real-life cheat codes within each person that makes them great at their craft,” said Markus Schaal, COO and Managing Director of PLITCH.  “We’re looking forward to working with HipHopGamer to help spread the simple message that gaming should be fun and that single-player cheats are a great way to experience them to the fullest.”

Cheat codes used to be something you could literally dedicate an entire print magazine to, and Game Genie and Game Shark were magical gateways to hours of fun. But in recent years, cheat codes have become more of a rarity. It’s nice that a platform like PLITCH exists to reintroduce cheat codes to the single-player experience, and we’ll see if The Cheat Code is the series that can drum up more passion for them.

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