The Elder Scroll Online‘s Cooperative PvE Shown Off in Dev Video


According to the game’s developers, The Elder Scrolls Online will feature events too hard to take on “by yourself.”

While some lucky players have had access to The Elder Scrolls Online for some time now via its beta, the rest of us have sadly had to remain content with more typical trailers and updates. That said, the game’s developers have recently released a nice chunk of video footage showing off some of the game’s cooperative battles and features in action.

In the first bit of the video, several of the game’s developers go up against an “overland boss monster”. The ensuing battle looks pretty much like you would expect a multiplayer Elder Scrolls to look with spells blasting around and melee fighters bashing it around up close and personal-like. Immediately after beating said baddie, the video shifts gears for a moment to show off some of the group-centric fast travel options the game will offer players. For instance, if you’re playing and have a friend online you’ll be able to automatically teleport to a nearby Wayshrine to make it more convenient to group up and play together.

This will come in handy for some of the game’s more challenging encounters which, according to the developers, may be too difficult to “take out by yourself.” The example shown in the video was a “Dark Anchor” encounter in which some Daedra worshipers try to summon a Daedric prince to the lands of Tamriel. What ensues is an epic fight between persistent waves of Daedric monsters that, true to the developer’s words, looks like it would be a bit much for one person to handle. Watch the video and let us know your impressions, does The Elder Scrolls Online cooperative play look like something you’re interested in, or will you be exploring the game’s world single player style?

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