The Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood DLC Launched Today


Bethesda has released the newest DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, titled Dark Brotherhood.

Fans of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will have the chance to return to a familiar locale in The Elder Scrolls Online courtesy of the newest DLC: Dark Brotherhood. The Gold Coast was the home to the infamous assassin’s guild, and now your character can join.

You’ll not only get to explore the Gold Coast, you’ll get to fulfill assassination contracts, try out the all-new Assassin’s skill lines, and earn a slew of new items.

Bethesda is showing off the new DLC with a new trailer that largely consists of people being assassinated, which honestly seems about like what you should expect.

While the PC and Mac versions of the DLC are live today, the PS4 and Xbox One release date is June 14, 2016. Dark Brotherhood is included with an active ESO membership, or can be purchased for 2,000 crowns through the game’s crown store.

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