The Escapist Artist Honored


Every week here at The Escapist, Team Humidor hunts down the finest game writing available from the finest game writers, and edits, rearranges and publishes it in the magazine for your reading pleasure. We’ve been doing this for about two years now, and we’ve been getting a lot of praise from industry professionals, our peers and others.

But a large part of that praise is due to the fine men and woman who read every article, then search out pictures, graphics and photos they can use to make our words pretty. Sometimes this is as easy as cropping a photo of Warren Spector with his dog. Other times, it’s a task of painstakingly bending images of CCG cards to fit a photo of a man doing a card trick. Sometimes, if they’re lucky, they get to play with snowflakes. But every once in a while, they have to make zombies.

Jessica Fielhauer is one of the artists who take that plunge with us every week, and for this week’s issue of The Escapist (Issue 98), she was tasked with making art to fit our interview with the creator of Urban Dead, the browser-based zombie game. Since the game is text-based, there was no accompanying art, and sadly, the stock photo archive didn’t have any zombies. So what’s an artist to do? Well, turn a vampire into a zombie of course.

“I found an image of a man with an expression I felt was right,” she says, “and then used photoshop to turn him into a zombie.”

iStockphoto has the story of her artistic prowess up on their site, and is featuring her creation as a design spotlight. If you want to see more of Jessica’s work, open practically any issue of The Escapist.

Cheers, Jess.

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