The Evil Within Scares Up a New Gameplay Trailer for TGS


I ain’t ‘fraid of no gho–OH GOD, THE HORROR! I LIED! I AM AFRAID!

Bethesda and Tango Gameworks are bringing The Evil Within to Tokyo Game Show this week, and a new trailer for the id Tech 5-based survival horror gorefest is in tow.

Maggots may or may not be involved, in case you’re the squeamish type.

The trailer does lend some perspective on the name The Evil Within, moreso than any other public trailer to date. The line “I created this world. You cannot keep me here,” gives an indication of what kind of struggle Detective Sebastian Castellanos will be facing. It’s going to be Me, Myself & Irene all over again, but not as funny (or perhaps funnier? I guess it depends on how much you like or dislike the Farrelly Brothers).

With many a survival horror game now based on aging UE3 tech, or Unity, The Evil Within has the potential to be one of the most attractive games in the genre, thanks to id Tech 5. While John Carmack is no longer calling the technical shots at id Software, his final major contribution to the company he co-founded helped make Wolfenstein: The New Order pretty.

Source: Bethesda PR

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