The Force Is Still Strong With Star Wars Kinect


Rumored to have been a tech demo created exclusively for E3, Star Wars Kinect has been confirmed by LucasArts as a real game that will be out next year.

In spite of the recent news that LucasArts has let a large number of employees go and supposedly killed plans to make a third Force Unleashed game, the publisher has revealed that it plans to release a Star Wars title for the Kinect platform. However, the company isn’t handling this new game in-house.

Dubbed Star Wars Kinect, the game was first unveiled at E3 when Microsoft was showing off the motion-sensing technology. Speaking to Eurogamer, LucasArts revealed that the game is currently under development by Terminal Reality (the studio behind Ghostbusters: The Videogame).

Of course, everyone involved with the project is keeping details about the game close to the vest, although LucasArts did reveal that it would be coming out some time in 2011. Terminal Reality, in turn, did officially say “we’re chomping at the bit to show you more.”

Microsoft’s apparently going to show off some big stuff for the Kinect at the Tokyo Game Show this week. We’ll have to see if this big news includes shining some more light on the platform’s Star Wars project.

Source: Eurogamer

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