The Hitman Holiday Elusive Target is the Wet Bandits from Home Alone


You can help Agent 47 take revenge on the Wet Bandits that targeted Kevin McCallister with Hitman‘s newest Elusive Target.

Hitman has had some pretty interesting additional content so far, like when it gave players the ability to hunt down and assassinate Gary Busey. For Christmas, io Interactive is adding what may be the best Elusive Target yet: Home Alone‘s Wet Bandits.

It turn out that two thieves – Harry “Smokey” Bagnato and Marv “Slick” Gonif – have relocated to Paris after their failed escapades in the US forced them flee the country. The Paris location is decorated for the season, and the palace is filled with presents that you can recover, open, and perhaps make use of. There are also new holiday-specific challenges that you can complete to earn additional rewards. This “Holiday Hoarders” mission was added to the game yesterday, but the “Showstopper” mission is still available, and players can choose which version of Paris they want to explore.

The holiday content is free, but io Interactive is using this content to support the World Cancer Research Fund, and is asking gamers to donate. If you enjoy the mission, maybe you could toss a few bucks their way. You can get the full rundown on this and all the other content coming to Hitman this holiday over on the game’s official site.

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