The Hobbit‘s Creature Effects Guy Gets Giddy Over Cosplayers


Richard Taylor, the person behind creature effects in The Hobbit, loves seeing cosplayers’ passion.

It’s one thing as a cosplayer making designs come to life; it’s another as the costume and effects designer for the source material to see fans’ hard work and passion. Cosplay Boom, a video channel covering cosplayers, spoke with both The Hobbit cosplayers and the people behind The Hobbit.

Richard Taylor, the creature effects person from The Hobbit, stood in a convention in awe of the many Hobbit cosplayers walking by and speaking with him.

“Well, it’s interesting – cosplaying, costumes – because people that have gone to the trouble to make replicas of the work that you’ve created for a movie is immensely inspiring,” he told Cosplay Boom. “It’s hard to explain, but when you’ve toiled to create a film and to create characters within a film along with a large team of people back home, and then to come halfway across the world and find young people so inspired by the films and characters and the designs that they’ve gone to the trouble of making their own costumes – that is amazingly impacting on people like myself.”

As inspiring as it must be as a creator seeing fans dress up from your work, fans who get to briefly work with creators get giddy, too. Taylor did a cosplayer’s makeup on stage at the event over two and a half hours. The Hobbit concept artist Lindsey Crummett noted Taylor is “all about passion” and inspired by fans’ passion.

Several cosplayers speak with Cosplay Boom about why they love The Hobbit and the costumes in the films, and many of them have incredibly detailed costumes shown off in the video.

“Being here has reinspired me,” Crummett said. “I just remember how much it actually affects people and how much people actually love what we do. ‘Cause, you know, you’re in your little cubicle, designing away or making pieces artwork that you think maybe will never get seen or maybe nobody cares – it becomes a daily humdrum sometimes. But then things like this are such a great reminder of how much people love what you do.”

Cosplay Boom makes several videos a month about cosplay.

Source: Cosplay Boom (YouTube)

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