The Humble Bundle Returns to its Roots


The Humble Indie Bundle 7 offers The Binding of Isaac, Closure, Legend of Grimrock and more.

The last Humble Bundle was a big success but not everyone was thrilled with the THQ partnership, which in the eyes of some folks betrayed its indie mandate. But the Humble Indie Bundle 7, as the presence of the word “Indie” in the title implies, has gone back to its roots.

For the usual “pay-what-you-want” deal, you get The Binding of Isaac and the Wrath of the Lamb DLC, Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot and the feature documentary Indie Game: The Movie. Not too shabby by any measure, but things get really hot when you pay more than the average price, which nets you all of the above plus Dungeon Defenders and all its DLC, plus (and this is the part that gets me excited) the old-school dungeon crawling hit Legend of Grimrock.

Six soundtracks are included as well, although the Legend of Grimrock “soundtrack” is really just the main theme, which is pretty cool but still only one song. And with the average purchase price hovering right around six bucks, it’s a steal no matter how you look at it.

Is it enough to redeem the Humble Bundle in the eyes of its “indie or bust” critics? I don’t know, but it’s a sweet deal and if you haven’t played Legend of Grimrock yet, it’s time to quit screwing around and get on with it. (I guess you may as well play some of those games while you’re at it.) As always, the Humble Indie Bundle 7 is available in all its bargain-basement glory at

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