The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Teaser Is a PSA from Snow


President Snow talks to the people of Panem in a special PSA-style message from the Capitol as a teaser for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 releases in theaters this November, and a teaser released today is set completely in universe with President Snow addressing the citizens of Panem.

Titled “Together as One,” Snow’s message feels a lot like a cheesy PSA promoting unity among the districts and the capitol. With catchphrases like, “Panem Today, Panem Tomorrow, Panem Forever” and the all-white background, President Snow puts on a show.

Of course, anyone familiar with The Hunger Games knows it’s propaganda, and it’s an interesting way for a teaser to portray a sense of the film. In Mockingjay, Katniss becomes the symbol of a revolution against the Capitol in a way that slowly built up from her first Hunger Games and especially over the events of Catching Fire. With the way the second book and movie adaptation ends, the Capitol wants to demonize Katniss and glorify a sense of unity against evil, as well as threaten citizens to fall in line – albeit over inspirational acoustic music. It’s a common propaganda tactic, one that happens in real life as well, and this teaser shows exactly how the Capitol will manipulate people’s emotions to sympathize with a body of power.

Even more interesting is a certain someone standing beside President Snow. Those who have read the books won’t be surprised to see him there.

Mockingjay is the final story of The Hunger Games trilogy and will be split into two movies, the first of which will release in theaters on November 21.

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