Plot Twist and Rogue Games announced a release date for The Last Case of Benedict Fox that will see it come to PC and Xbox April 27, 2023.

Developer Plot Twist and publisher Rogue Games announced a release date for The Last Case of Benedict Fox that will see it come to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Game Pass on April 27. The announcement arrived as part of a list of indies highlighted by Microsoft at Xbox Wire. This Lovecraftian Metroidvania prides itself on its layered visuals, tentacle-filled environments, and creative combat. It doesn’t exactly scream “spring,” but it’ll surely make for an interesting April release nonetheless.

In The Last Case of Benedict Fox, players take on the role of, you guessed it, Benedict Fox. He’s on a mission to learn about his dead father’s secrets, and thanks to his demon counterpart, he’s got a number of abilities that will allow him to do just that. Namely, Benedict Fox can explore the memories of the recently deceased by visiting dark worlds where emotions take on demonic forms. He and his demon friend can battle these emotional creatures together, leaving players with combat that seems quick, flashy, and tactical.

You can read more about The Last Case of Benedict Fox in the short summary below:

Descend into a limbo of decaying memories as Benedict Fox, a self-proclaimed detective bound to his demon companion. Use that unholy bond to explore the minds of the recently deceased in search of clues as you uncover the mysteries of a massive, decrepit mansion — the site to a young couple’s grisly murder, and the disappearance of their child. Immerse yourself in a dark, intriguing world full of secret organizations, forbidden rituals, and cold-blooded crimes in an arcane adventure brought to life through a fascinating Burton-esque art style.

Look forward to The Last Case of Benedict Fox on PC and Xbox platforms upon its release date this April. For more on this artsy adventure, you can watch new gameplay from the developers below.

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