The Last of Us Left Behind DLC to Feature “Multi-Faction” Combat


Players will be able to pit infected and human enemies against each other in the Left Behind DLC for The Last of Us.

In an update aiming to shed more light on The Last of Us‘s single-player DLC Left Behind, Naughty Dog, today, has released some interesting new details alongside a full-length cinematic trailer for the much anticipated expansion. “With Left Behind we wanted to make a single player DLC as fully crafted as our main campaign,” said Jacob Minkoff, lead game designer for Left Behind.

What this will mean in tangible terms is a more deeply explorable setting and gameplay that will integrate new options like “multi-faction” combat. According to Naughty Dog, infected and human enemies will frequently exist in the same environments, making it possible to use them against each other. “[You can] throw a bottle and have a Clicker go kill a guy or lead an infected into an enemy or something and get them off your back,” explained game designer Anthony Newman.

While we’ll have to play the DLC itself before we say for sure, we’d be willing to bargain that this faction combat could serve to help Naughty Dog maintain continuity by keeping Ellie out of direct combat and inexperienced as she was at the beginning of The Last of Us. Left Behind is due to release in the PlayStation Store on February 14th.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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