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The Life Changing Magic of Being a Douche



The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is an actual book, written by the absolutely goddamn adorable (but also probably insane) Marie Kondo.

It’s essentially a guide to throwing out most of your shit and organizing what remains, but it also dips into some of the bizarre (yet endearing) habits Kondo picked up while working as a Shrine maiden. She talks to her handbag, people. She thanks it for working hard.

I went digital and chucked out most of my books and games a couple of years back. While there’s something comfortable about having a solid, physical reminder of time and money spent, it also felt a little… arrogant. I was never going to replay most of those games, they were just there to prove that I had. I kept the ones that were particularly rare or, I couldn’t get digitally or that meant something to me, but the rest got shipped off to a local kids’ charity. I did the same with my books and then my clothes and my albums. I put up some art instead.

I’m a slob by nature, but I prefer working in clean, organized environments. Having less stuff to leave around has done wonders for my workflow. I haven’t started talking to my bag yet though.

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