The New Minecraft LEGO Sets Will Include Creepers And Mine Cars


LEGO is giving fans a sneak peak at the new LEGO Minecraft playset.

Creating a Minecraft-branded playset may seem like an obvious proposition for the folks at LEGO, but fans haven’t exactly been thrilled by the current collection. Don’t get me wrong, the Micro World playsets were fine, but every hardcore LEGO aficionado knows that augmenting your creation with your existing LEGO collection is an important part of the process. So, even though the Micro World sets were interesting for Minecraft fans, they sort of missed the mark for LEGO fans. However, during last month’s MineCon, LEGO announced that the company would be hosting a Minecraft LEGO Co-build Project.

The concept is simple: over the next few months, LEGO designers and Minecraft fans will be working together to build the perfect Minecraft playset. LEGO has been listening to the Minecraft community and redesigning characters, playsets, and accessories to exceed fanboy expectations. And, so far, the results look wonderful.

Yesterday, LEGO uploaded a holiday video that shows off some of the new Minecraft models, and gives fans a glimpse into the company’s design process. In the video, LEGO pulls out several creeper designs, and discusses how the community has responded to each one. We also got a glimpse of the sheep, a cow, and a wicked mine car.

The new playset is starting to look like a groovy marriage between LEGO and Minecraft. Though, it probably won’t be enough to lure Minecraft players back into the real world.

Source: YouTube

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