The Wronged

The People


These are stories of the people we know of but don’t understand. These people become who they are maybe because they are because they hate reality, been looked down on for there views, to afraid to let go, or just don’t know what love is. I do know that I know at least one person from each group and this are their stories, the people.

The Gamer
I sit at night, trying to sleep, and all I can think about is the next level or how much I what to know what will happen next in the story. I think about the game and in my mind I becomes the character. I feel what they feel, dream what they dream, and become what they are. The game as become my life, my life is a game.

The Nobody
I listen to their conversation and I detest the way they think I’m the one with no life. They act like I don’t know that where just a big joke, nothing. Just people trying to be something they never could. “I never asked to be popular” or “I’m sorry your a freak” . That’s what they say to me, if anything at all.
I’m the nobody, right, or are you the just empty and lost so you have to make me believe that its you that as the life. Well guess what your the nobody now.

The Prep
I just don’t understand other people, they act like I’m some stuck up airhead. I wish for one day I could just be normal and live outside of this circle of insanity, but no one well let me just be me and run wild and get in trouble, play videogames, go to rock concerts. Just try and be something more fun for a change. Not some popular girl with all the makeup and friends who follow me just to seem important. I want to be free from this.

The slut
I slept with you to impress you and all you do is reject me. I don’t understand why you say I’m not important because you said you loved me when I was with you. Now everyone says I’m a slut and all I wanted was to love you.

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