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The Rainmakers


What does one say about Rainmakers? These are the people that have so profoundly affected their realm of work with their ideas, innovations and products that they are nearly synonymous with it. Personal computing? Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Immunology/microbiology? Louis Pasteur. Civil Rights? Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.. Physics? Albert Einstein. Really, all of them speak for themselves.

And yet, there are many unsung heroes for those fields that are small or young or so highbrow that the masses are not aware of them, or simply do not understand. And within each industry, there are several more Rainmakers whose achievements are known only to those … well, in The Know.


Because they are still busily working, heads down over their work, in the trenches. Because they have been taken from the world all too soon. Because perhaps we just weren’t yet ready for their ideas. Because they have made the first of something that’s so outdated, now, that their groundbreaking contribution is often overlooked.

But that makes them no less important and special. And it is for this reason The Escapist brings to you this week’s issue, “Rainmakers.” These are the stories of five great names in the interactive entertainment realm, stories you should know. Our writers share with you stories and histories of Ralph Baer, Joe Ybarra, Gunpei Yokoi, Steve Pavlina and Peter Molyneux. Enjoy!


-Julianne Greer

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