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To the Editor: I don’t play a whole lot of MMOGs, but I do know your writer, Whitney Butts (“OMG! Girlz Don’t Exist on The Intarweb!!!!1“), is wrong and although her article was great, she has a little bit to learn herself. See, just as boys don’t always understand the nature of girls, most girls are not exactly experts when it comes to boys (as is alluded to, by Miss Butts).

However, she doesn’t understand why the boy is looking at his shoes, when talking to her. It really bothers her. She actually thinks it has something to do with Warcraft, and something about the guy not wanting to believe in women on the internet etc. – which is absurd.

I think this is where she gets confused, and doesn’t understand social dynamics of boys-girls. The boy is nervous, when talking to women – it’s normal. The only thing Warcraft/internet may have had to do with this is the fact that he’s a nerd and so is extra nervous when talking to women (because he doesn’t talk to many ordinarily).


In response to “Pattern Recoginition” from The Escapist Forum: I might be going a little too doomsday with this statement.

I think that the process is speeding up. I think that the increase in the rate of new technology is going to create new media platforms rapidly and the groups of people who make up a “generation” will become smaller and smaller. I will have trouble understanding the people born at the other end of my decade, much less the next one. I think eventually it will hit a limit where everything breaks down at once and people are forced to rethink things as a whole.

– TomBeraha

In response to “Canadian Content” from The Escapist Forum: Well, I live in the Montreal suburbs and I am quite aware that Ubi Montreal created Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed. Actually, I am quite proud of it too and I tell everyone I know any chance I get, like when a TV ad is playing.

I may not know where every single game I play is made, but when it does come to my attention that a development studio close to my home is making games I really enjoy, it doesn’t matter if the company is Canadian or not. It still makes me proud because I know lots of its employees are fellow French-Canadians and that fact alone makes the government help worth it.

– lpellerin

In response to “The Double-X Factor” from The Escapist Forum: Thanks again Erin, for describing much of my struggle in this industry. I just recently started in computer games, but I’ve been in the hobby game industry for the last 5 years. It is really just as cut-throat as computer games, and has a far longer history.

I guess if I were able to talk to young teen girls who might have any interest in this industry I would tell them that together we can change things.

– julzerator

In response to “Atari Founder Slams Former Company, PS3” from The Escapist News Room: There’s something else that I think needs saying here: It is perfectly possible to respect someone’s opinion and be very interested in what they have to say and still disagree with them.

That’s how I feel about Nolan Bushnell’s commentary in this case. It’s interesting to me that he thinks this, but I completely disagree with him about the nature of the PS1 and PS2 successes. I’m not yet certain the PS3 will trump all in quite the same way but the idea that Sony has somehow lost the new gen battle already is an extreme viewpoint in support of which he makes a very weak case.

– Dom Camus

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