The Riddler Returns In Arkham City


Riddle me this: Who’s green and evil and loves crazy word puzzles?

With Batman: Arkham City‘s release fast-approaching, Rocksteady is really starting to ramp up the character reveals. This week, it turns out that Edward Nigma (AKA The Riddler) is returning to Gotham City so he can harass The Dark Knight once again. This time, though, it looks like the criminal will have a more active role than he did in the first game.

Of course that’s not saying much. All the Riddler has to do is make a physical appearance, as opposed to just being a voice in Batman’s ear like he was in Arkham Asylum, and he’ll be more of a presence than he was last time. Based on the trailer, it looks like that’s just what’s going to happen. However, instead of simply whispering sinister riddles, the man is apparently going to force Batman to solve puzzles that have lives at stake.

What will be interesting to see is just how dark and sinister Rocksteady makes the character. The Riddler’s had a long, diverse history with DC comics and has varied between appearing as a joke of a criminal to a sinister mastermind (feel free to read Batman: Hush for a great example of the latter). The trailer certainly implies that the character will be a definite threat to players.

Source: Joystiq

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