The Super Mega-Awesome New York Comic Con Cosplay Gallery


There were just so many amazingly awesome cosplayers at New York Comic Con 2010 that we had to show you all of them.

Any convention based on comic books is all about fans dressing up as their favorite characters and strutting their stuff for adoring fans. I was thoroughly impressed with the showing at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, but must admit that New York’s show this weekend totally blew San Diego out of the water. I’d say that close to 50 percent of the attendees of NYCC 2010 were dressed up as something, especially on Saturday which was prime day for many fans to attend.

Not every costume was awesome (I’m looking at you, guy in the gorilla mask) but there were so many great cosplayers that we decided to show you over a hundred photos of the best costumes we saw over the weekend. Believe me, we culled these 105 photographs down from the hundreds that we took over the weekend. Check them out in our handy-dandy gallery:

I loved the Ghostbuster with Slimer attached to his proton pack, and the little girl posing as Wonder Woman with Silk Spectre, a Power Ranger and Nite Owl was just precious, while Susan Arendt was partial to Krypto the Superdog. Tell us which costumes were your favorites in the comments.

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If video is more your bag when it comes to viewing cosplay, our team captured some amazing footage of the costumes at Dragon Con in Atlanta.

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