In this week’s edition, the US Government reveals what it will do in the even of a zombie apocalypse, and Portal 2 gets in trouble for some seemingly harmless jokes.


PSN Plan Worries Developers

PSN being back in action is great news for gamers, but some developers are less convinced. Sony’s “make good” scheme – which includes free games – is giving some PSN developers pause, as they are concerned that gamers will focus on playing these free games, and ignore the smaller game. Others are worried that the backlog will be so great, that it will be almost impossible for games to get themselves noticed. (Link)


US Government Reveals its Zombie Survival Plan

The CDC, or Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has unveiled its plan to keep people safe in the event of a zombie outbreak. Unfortunately, it’s not particular exciting, and in fact sounds rather sensible. The plan makes no mention of crack anti-zombie troops, or underground bunkers, and instead talks about investigation and lab testing. Sure, it’s a much more practical plan than pitched battles on top of skyscrapers, but it’s much less exciting. (Link)


Adoptive Father Upset by Portal 2

If you’ve played Portal 2 you know that GLaDOS takes any and every opportunity to get a cheap crack in at Chell, telling her that she’s fat, stupid, and that no one likes her. What got Neal Stapel all hot under the collar, however, is when GLaDOS started taunting Chell with jokes about being adopted. Stapel was playing the game with his adopted daughter Zoey, and said that it was “the worst thing [he] could have probably heard.” (Link)


Michael Bay Offers Cash for Transformer Spotting

Transformers: Dark of the Moon director Michael Bay has offered a $25,000 reward to anyone that can spot a certain pair of Transformers in the movie: specifically, the Autobot Twins, Mudflap and Skids. After complaints that the Twins were racist caricatures, Bay promised that they would not appear in the third movie. But when an early review of the film mistakenly said that they did appear, Bay offered a bounty to anyone who spotted them “performing.” (Link)


Cheating Comes Back to Haunt You, Even in Space

The romantic choices you made in the first two Mass Effect games might just come back to bite you in the third, possibly literally, depending on who you pursued. Project Lead Casey Hudson said that the interplay between the various love interests – all of whom return for ME3 in some capacity or other – could get rather interesting. He also said that the game would feature a few new love interests, which would finally allow for homosexual relationships. (Link)

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