The Xbox 420


Red Rings of Death? More like the Red Rings of dude…what?

Now, we here at The Escapist are not ones to promote the use of marijuana, which is totally illegal. We do, however, applaud the creativity of those champions of DIY who take useless things, like say, a bricked 360, and turn them, through ingenious homebrew engineering, into devices by which you could, potentially, smoke tobacco or marijuana or what have you.

Looks like whoever cooked this bad boy up gutted the inside of their 360, set up a chamber and some intricate tubing and stuck it inside the console, and then led the tubing out of the back where one of the cords would usually plug in. The bowl, which is where you’d place your smokable substance of choice and is made from a socket bit in this case, is at the top where you hard-drive would go. Also, a nice touch: the connect button, which you normally use to sync up controllers, has been drilled out and turned into a port to let air into the bong. To top it all off, the machine has been painted shiny black.

Creative design aside, is this really practical? I mean, the 360 is a huge box, and on top of that, just not very aesthetically pleasing. I guess it’s better than just throwing away a bricked system, but it seems like it’d be kind of a pain to use. I mean, if you were to use it, which you totally shouldn’t. Anyway.

[Via Gizmodo]

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