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The Year in Cosplay: Our 100 Favorites From 2014 (Part Three)

iron man totoro

In part three, we look back on some of the craziest and best from Dragon Con and Blizzcon. Warning: Adorable Iron Man Totoro.

With 2014 rapidly coming to a close, you might have noticed that The Escapist is taking a look back on 2014 and awarding the best of the year in all categories we cover (see our best of the year nominees here.) Well, almost all. If you’re particularly astute, you’ve also noticed that while we here on the Comics and Cosplay channel have nominated comics for end of the year awards, we didn’t actually nominate any cosplayers.

That’s because 2014 has been an absolute goldmine of incredible cosplay, and there was almost too much to pick from. Whether it was great video game cosplay at the various PAX conventions, the insanely competitive outfits on display at San Diego Comic-Con, the nuclear explosion of artistry that is Dragoncon, or any other the other conventions and events we covered, we were, time and time again, completely blown away. As a result, we couldn’t narrow our selections down to just 1 “best of”. But lucky for you, our indecision is your gain, because we’re celebrating the year in cosplay by showcasing our 100 favorite costumes from throughout the year.

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Whether you made your first costume, have been cosplaying for years, pricked your fingers sticking in pins, or styled that wig just right, we want to applaud you for your awesome work (and maybe ask for some advice for our next costume).

Continuing through the end of the year, stay tuned for galleries curated by members of the Comics and Cosplay team. Today, read on, and see part three of the series, selected by Ross Lincoln…


dragoncon parade samus

Samus costumes fall well within the category of “either incredible, or gone horribly wrong”. Fortunately, this costume is incredible, definitely the best Samus I’ve personally seen. This is only one of about 800 reasons why Dragon Con is the best convention I’ve ever been to.

Spotted at: the Dragon Con parade

dragoncon parade borderlands maya

I don’t have anything against Mad Moxxie costumes – they’re usually both super hot and super incredibly awesome. But it’s true that they’re also the single most common thing one sees with Borderlands cosplay. That wasn’t the case at Dragon Con, where seemingly the entire mythos was represented. Here, we see Maya and a very puffy Torgue marching in the parade.

Spotted at: the Dragon Con parade

dragoncon parade borderlands psycho

Psychos are a dime a dozen in actual Borderlands games, but in real life they’re as intricate and impressive as the rest of Borderlands cosplay tends to be. I love how practical this outfit looks, while still nailing the rotoscoped, cartoonish look of the series.

Spotted at: the Dragon Con parade

blizzcon 013

I loved this Abomination costume so much I tracked this guy down to get as many pics as I could. Incredible stuff and what’s truly weird is that this is just a sample of how mind-blowing Blizzcon cosplay was.

Spotted at: Blizzcon

cosplay burlesque iron man

What else is there to say, except that Burlesque Iron Man is basically the best idea of all time?

Spotted at: Dragon Con

cosplay marvel iron man furry

This Iron Man Totoro outfit was absolutely huge, approaching 7 and a half feet tall. All hail Team Totoro for making this thing real.

Spotted at: Dragon Con

blizzcon 06

Another example of how incredible Blizzcon cosplay is, this Arakkoa outfit was incredibly detailed. The beak and feathers alone were Jim Henson-worthy.

Spotted at: Blizzcon

cosplay marvel groot

Everyone loves Groot. Everyone. Which is why it’s no shock to see so many people making Groot costumes. What is shocking, however, is the sheer number of people making incredible Groot costumes, like this one, created by the brother of The Escapist’s own Newton Grant.

Spotted at: Dragon Con

cosplay marvel another groot

Here’s another incredible Groot, made even more badass when you consider just how hot it was when I took this photo. (HINT: Atlanta is in the South, and Dragon Con happens over Labor Day weekend.)

Spotted at: Dragon Con

cosplay marvel drax2

This Drax the Destroyer is incredible, not only for the great makeup work, but for the fact that this guy didn’t have to rely on prosthetic muscles. If you’ll excuse me, I need to do some situps.

Spotted at: Dragon Con

cosplay marvel guardians

You’ve seen this Groot, but here’s Nova and Rocket to demonstrate just how badass this cosplay group is.

Spotted at: Dragon Con

blizzcon 25 gazlowe

I’m personally very amused by how much Gazlowe reminds me of Bender Bending Rodriguez. One of the best costumes from Blizzcon 2014.

Spotted at: Blizzcon

dragoncon parade box heroes

Box Heroes was perhaps my favorite discovery at Dragon Con, and the reason why should be obvious from this photo.
Check out their official site for much more.

Spotted at: Dragon Con

blizzcon 24

For some reason, this makes me want to write a children’s book called “Widowmaker and Zerg are friends”. It’s the Blizzcon in the Willows!

Spotted at: Blizzcon

cosplay marvel asgard looking lady

Simply put, this is the greatest Hela you’re likely to see, ever. Unless, as is likely, someone tops this at Blizzcon 2015.

Spotted at: Dragon Con

professor genki cosplay

The only thing I hate about this amazing Professor Genki costume is that the Cosplayer didn’t immediately murder someone wearing an animal mascot outfit.

Spotted at: Dragon Con

lex luthor duo cosplay

It’s like these guys were born to be Lex Luthor, right?

Spotted at: Dragon Con

blizzcon 14

This Marauder we saw at Blizzcon 2014 is fantastic. I especially love the battle damage detailing and the fact that it actually looks metallic.

Spotted at: Blizzcon

george r r martin cosplay

There is a lot of Game of Thrones cosplay in the world. But nothing can possibly top this George R R Martin costume. I can almost imaging this guy preparing to kill off someone’s favorite character before he leaves for a light lunch in downtown Santa Fe.

Spotted at: Dragon Con

dragoncon parade staging daft punk star trek

We conclude today’s gallery with the only thing as potentially hilarious as the George R R Martin costume you just saw – Star Trek Daft Punk. It turns out that a French disco is the final frontier.

Spotted at: Dragon Con

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